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Peer Recovery Support Specialist Program (PRSS)

Certified Peer Recovery Support in Early Sobriety

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Having a dedicated mentor to guide you through the difficult challenges of early sobriety can make all the difference. At Nova Recovery Center, we know just how beneficial peer recovery support can be, so we offer a personalized program to do just that.

What is the Peer Recovery Support Specialist Program?

The Peer Recovery Support Specialist (PRSS) program pairs Nova clients with a certified Peer Recovery Specialist who provides peer-led support and guidance in early recovery. The PRSS program is facilitated through a third-party Austin-based company, MAP (Measure Act Prevent), and is provided at various stages throughout the treatment process, including:

The PRSS program is provided at no cost to the client for 90 days, but it can be utilized for a year or longer. The amount of time spent in the program will vary depending on the client’s recovery needs.

Recovery Support Services Provided

Treatment profile: One week prior to the client’s discharge, a MAP professional will connect with the client in-person or over the phone to assess treatment needs and develop a personalized profile for continued care.

Weekly and bi-weekly support sessions: During the first 90 days of the program, clients receive four sessions with their Peer Recovery Support Specialist each month. After the initial 90 days, clients meet with their Peer Recovery Support Specialist on a bi-weekly basis, or as needed depending on risk level.

24/7 access to live recovery support services: Clients and “Primary Support” loved ones may also call into MAP any day or time to receive support when it is needed most.

Family support: “Primary Support” loved ones also receive two sessions per month with MAP. When the client completes the PRSS program, MAP will facilitate a family phone call to ensure a smooth transition.

*The recovery support services offered can be tailored to meet the client’s changing needs in recovery.

Peer Recovery Support Specialists: Experience and Qualifications

Peer Recovery Support Specialists are all individuals who are in recovery themselves. Because of this, they are uniquely qualified to guide and support others who are also recovering from addiction.

By establishing a personal relationship with the client, a Peer Recovery Support Specialist can detect signs of deterioration and relapse and act quickly to address the issues before they get out of hand. With one-on-one support, they also help to keep the client accountable to his or her goals and responsibilities in sobriety.

All Peer Recovery Support Specialists provided through MAP have the following qualifications:

  • 3+ years of personal recovery from addiction
  • National certification by the NAADAC (National Association for Addiction Professionals)
  • GED, high school diploma, or continued education
  • 1+ year of full-time experience in peer recovery support
  • 60+ hours of peer recovery training and education
  • Successful completion of the National Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialist exam

Benefits of Peer Recovery Support

  • Increases the duration and quality of care for alumni, current clients, and family members
  • Improves long-term engagement in treatment
  • Helps to prevent relapse
  • Bridges the gaps between levels of care in addiction treatment

How to Use Insurance Benefits to Pay for the Peer Recovery Support Specialist Program

The first 90 days of the PRSS program is free for all clients. If the client chooses to continue utilizing the program after the first 90 days are up, they may use insurance benefits to pay for it. Please call (512) 363-5914 to speak with a Nova admissions specialist about using insurance benefits for this purpose. We can verify your insurance benefits over the phone in just a few minutes.

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