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What Is Long-Term Addiction Treatment?

Long-term addiction treatment refers to a drug and alcohol rehab program that lasts 90 days or more. Drug and alcohol addiction is not something that can be quickly overcome. When compared to 30 or 60-day programs, many individuals find that a long-term addiction treatment program is a much more effective way to maintain their sobriety. Long-term rehab programs also come with many benefits, including:

  • More time to understand and resolve underlying issues – Before you can begin your long-term treatment program, you most likely need to partake in detox first. During detox and the beginning stages of treatment, you’ll spend the first few weeks adjusting. The more time you spend in treatment, the better chance you’ll have for lasting change and lifelong sobriety.
  • A safe place to be sober for an extended period of time – Long-term addiction treatment programs offer a safe, distraction-free place for you to heal. Instead of spending all your efforts fighting off temptations while juggling responsibilities at home and work, you can spend this time focusing on your recovery and making changes that will last a lifetime.
  • Decreased risk of relapse – The more time you spend in addiction treatment, the more time you have to learn and implement relapse prevention strategies. This decreases the risk of relapse and increases your chances of long-term success in your sobriety.
  • More opportunity to develop peer support community – Developing a peer support community is essential to lasting change. With long-term treatment, you’ll have more time to build those relationships and create a solid recovery foundation for yourself.

Our 90-Day Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program

Nova’s residential inpatient rehab center offers evidence-based therapeutic treatment to address substance use disorders. Our multidisciplinary treatment team provides long-term care strategies so you can experience and overcome the various stressors of life in a safe, therapeutic setting before starting your new life in recovery. By combining treatment methods with a 12-step program, we have built an individualized residential program curriculum that addresses the unique needs of each person.

Once enrolled, you’ll receive an individual need-finding assessment to identify the areas of your life that need to be addressed. From this assessment, we will create an individualized comprehensive substance abuse treatment plan to guide your recovery process at our drug and alcohol treatment center. Unlike many other rehab programs, our treatment plans are completely fluid and are adjusted regularly to accommodate the progress you make. They are also updated regularly to address any issues we uncover during treatment that may have contributed to your substance use habits.

In addition, our licensed substance abuse treatment services can be combined with peer recovery support services such as personal monitoring and sober living to maximize your potential for long-term recovery. The following additional addiction treatment services are available to you:

Nova’s treatment programs for substance use disorders provide a full continuum of care to bridge the gaps between rehab and sober life on your own. Our inpatient drug rehab center is located on a beautiful 25-acre property in the heart of Texas Hill Country, offering a safe, tranquil place for you to focus on your recovery. If you’re looking for long-term addiction treatment in Austin Texas, this is the place for you.

Drug rehab center in Wimberley, TX
Drug rehab center in Wimberley, TX
Drug rehab center in Wimberley, TX
Drug rehab center in Wimberley, TX

We Accept Many Insurances

Call (888) 424-4029 to verify your benefits.

Our Program Foundation

We provide assistance and guidance as you build a solid recovery foundation. Our dynamic 90-day program focuses on the mind, body, and spirit for a well-rounded, all-encompassing treatment plan.

Mind – You will participate in daily clinical and educational groups and have individual sessions with your counselor twice a week. This partnership provides opportunities for you to improve your mental health and develop a better understanding of yourself, your drug and alcohol abuse, and your relationships.

Body – Throughout your rehab program, you’ll participate in CrossFit, Tai Chi, and Yoga to aid in physical recovery from the damage that drugs and alcohol have inflicted on your body.

Spirit – You’ll also participate in meditation, awareness practices, and accountability groups daily. In addition, you’ll have individual sessions with your recovery specialist weekly to discuss your experience in our 12-step program.

These essential program components all work together to provide you with deeper self-understanding and to help you develop a solid foundation in your recovery journey.

mind body spirit graphic

Specialized Therapies

  • Experiential Therapy
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy
  • Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
  • Contingency Management

Treatment Modalities

  • Individual Drug Counseling
  • Group Counseling
  • Educational Lectures
  • Family Therapy
  • 12-Step Program

How Much Does Residential Rehab Cost?

Nova Recovery Center offers quality outpatient addiction treatment and peer recovery support services at an affordable price. We work with most insurance companies to help supplement the treatment costs. Please call 855.834.6682 to find out more.

Why Choose Austin for Your Long-Term Addiction Treatment?

Austin, Texas is a growing city filled with opportunities for people in recovery. The weather is warm year-round, our facility’s location is beautiful, and our program is life-changing. The area also has a well-established recovery support community and our staff can help you get connected. When you’re ready to commit to addiction recovery, Austin is a great place to do it.

Our alumni say it better than us

jeffery meadows

Jeffery Meadows
“From Abandonment and Shame to Hope and Acceptance”

Jeffery Meadows was born in Charleston, West Virginia, but his family moved to Houston when he was three. They lived in what Jeffery describes as an “aggressive neighborhood” where theft and violence was the norm. His mother, a hard-working single mom of three, was a…

James Frazer

James Frazer
“From Abandonment and Shame to Hope and Acceptance”

James Frazer struggled with feelings of abandonment, low self-esteem, and social rejection early in life. In his mind, everyone else had it better than he did, and his lot in life was just never going to be as good as everyone else’s. His parents divorced at a very…

Kali Warnock

Kali Warnock
“Trusting a Higher Power”

From the outside looking in, Kali Warnock’s life as a kid was picture-perfect. Her parents were both very involved in her life, she excelled at sports and loved playing them, and she was the ideal preacher’s kid at her church. But behind the facade, things were very…

Shane Rollins

Shane Rollins
“Becoming the Father He Was Meant to Be”

From an outsider’s perspective, Shane Rollins was a great father, a seriously talented professional arm wrestler, and one of the toughest guys out there. But on the inside, his addiction was tearing him apart, his marriage was in shambles, and his tough outer…

Al Lesem

Al Lesem
“Set Free from the Bondage of Addiction”

Al Lesem’s upbringing in Houston, Texas was difficult. His mother passed away when he was just six years old and his father remarried several times after that. Although his father cared for him and had a great job as a psychiatrist, Al had no structure or guidance as…

Megan Minasi

Megan Minasi
“Finding Purpose in Life”

Megan Minasi grew up in Houston, Texas, in a broken home full of secrets and substance abuse. By the time she was four years old, her parents had already divorced. She saw her dad every other weekend as a child and her mother remarried when she was eight. Although…

Adam Tucker

Adam Tucker
“Full Surrender”

Adam Tucker’s story of addiction starts in the quiet lake community of Frederick, Maryland, just an hour west of Baltimore. Born in Washington D.C. to two loving parents, Adam describes his upbringing as relatively peaceful and enjoyable. “I never experienced any…

Parker Jarmon

Parker Jarmon
“Trapped in a Downward Spiral of Addiction”

Parker Jarmon’s drug use started early. He was only 13 years old when he first started smoking marijuana. Before he smoked, he was a loner—a lost soul. But marijuana changed all that. He finally fit in. In tenth grade, Parker got an Adderall prescription, but after a…

We Accept Many Insurances

Call (888) 424-4029 to verify your benefits.

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Nova Recovery Center is dedicated to helping you or your loved one get help. Please call or fill out this form for a confidential consultation. One of our understanding, dedicated advisors will contact you about your options. Begin healing today.

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