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What is H&I?

H&I (Hospitals and Institutions) is a service of Narcotics Anonymous (NA). Its purpose is to share the message of addiction recovery with people in treatment facilities like detox centers or hospitals, where the ability to attend NA meetings is limited. H&I meetings also seek to introduce people to NA and the 12-Step Program.

What Happens at an H&I Meeting?

During an H&I meeting, a speaker or a small panel of speakers share their personal testimonies of recovery with clients at the treatment center. This usually includes details about life while they were addicted and what their life is like now in recovery. This process of sharing is especially beneficial for people in treatment because hearing about others’ success in sobriety can be very motivating and powerful.

Why are H&I Meetings Beneficial in Detox?

Drug and alcohol detox can be very challenging and difficult, but hearing someone who has been in your shoes tell you that it’s possible, can provide much-needed strength and hope. Here are some of the primary benefits of H&I meetings for detox clients:

  • H&I meetings show clients what is possible in recovery. Whether a client has relapsed several times or is trying to get sober for the first time, it’s often difficult to imagine life without drugs and alcohol. Hearing another former addict talk about life then and life now (sober) can provide a glimmer of hope during what can be a very dark time.
  • H&I meetings have therapeutic value. Peer support is one of the most important aspects of recovery. H&I meetings are an opportunity for people who have similar vices to connect, share their struggles and successes, and build off of one another’s achievements in sobriety.
  • H&I meetings inspire change. Detox clients may feel worn down, unsure about their future, or not even be 100 percent ready to commit to getting sober. Hosting speakers who are excited and passionate about a life of sobriety can also help incite a desire to change in others.
  • H&I meetings are an introduction to NA and the 12-Step Program. For clients who are unfamiliar with NA or don’t know how the 12-Step Program works, H&I meetings are a great introduction. Having some background knowledge about what the 12-Step Program is, its purpose, and how it coincides with treatment during rehab and sober living, can help reduce any feelings of uneasiness or resistance.

H&I meetings provide opportunities to connect with a sponsor. Finding a sponsor is an important part of the recovery process and H&I meetings provide opportunities to begin establishing relationships with other people in recovery, get connected to a local NA group, or find a sponsor.

H&I Meetings Hosted by Nova Recovery Center

Currently, we host H&I meetings at Briarwood Detox Center in Houston and Austin, TX. At our Houston location, H&I meetings occur once daily (sometimes twice). In Austin, they are held nightly from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. We host speakers of all ages, backgrounds, and cultures so our detox clients can have presentations that are relatable.

To learn more about H&I meetings at Briarwood Detox Center, please call (512) 605-2955 to speak with a member of our admissions team.

For more information about coordinating H&I meetings with Nova Recovery Center, please contact Tabatha LaMere at (512) 516-3178 or tabatha.lamere@novarecoverycenter.com.

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