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College classes are officially back in session and students across the country are returning to campus for another year. This collection of articles from Nova Recovery Center was curated especially for college students in recovery. Inside, you’ll find insightful advice, actionable tips, and helpful resources for sobriety. They are also free to republish on your website!

The Ultimate Guide for Sober Students

students taking a test

Back in college this fall? It’s still possible to succeed in your recovery. Here’s our comprehensive guide for students, complete with facts and statistics on college substance abuse and helpful tips on how to stay sober.

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Ultimate Guide to America’s College Recovery Programs

college students in recovery

Back in college this fall? It’s still possible to succeed in your recovery. Here’s our comprehensive guide for students, complete with facts and statistics on college substance abuse and helpful tips on how to stay sober.

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How to Write an Intervention Letter for Your Loved One

writing an intervention letter to a loved one

Sometimes getting a loved one into treatment requires an intervention. If you plan to host one with an interventionist, you may be asked to write a letter to your loved one. Here are some tips on how to write a great intervention letter

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More resources for students in recovery


Substance Abuse and Addiction at Texas Universities and Colleges

American college campuses are hot spots for alcohol and drug abuse. Find out how Texas universities and colleges stack up.

sober friends having picnic at the park

The Challenges of Getting Sober Young

Getting sober young comes with its own set of unique challenges. Here’s why it’s such a struggle and how recovery support services can help.

student at library

5 Reasons Students in Recovery Are at Risk for Relapse

The risk of relapse is real. Learn about the top five causes for relapse and how to prevent them.


7 Tips to Stay Sober During College Football Season

Tailgating, after parties, victory celebrations … check out our top tips for enjoying the festivities alcohol and drug-free.

anxiety pills

Are You Addicted to Your Anxiety Medication?

College is full of new, overwhelming experiences that can cause anxiety. While anxiety medication can help, it can also become a problem.

student drowning in books

10 Habits of Highly Successful Sober College Students

Returning to college sober? Here are 10 essential tools to add to your sobriety toolbox.

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Completing Addiction Treatment While Enrolled in College

As a college student, you don’t have to choose between college and treatment. Many students complete drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs while enrolled in classes. Our flexible programs like Executive Detox and IOP make it easier to continue your studies while also working to achieve a life of sustained sobriety.
Completing addiction treatment will not only help you overcome your addiction and restructure your priorities, but it can also provide essential recovery support and guidance as you learn how to cope with the triggers and stressors of college life.

Getting enrolled is completely confidential, easy, and quick. Simply call (512) 605-2955 to speak with an admissions coordinator about our addiction treatment programs today. We’ll walk you through the admissions process step-by-step so you don’t have to figure it out on your own.

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Our Detox Locations

Not all rehab centers offer detox facilities, and not all detox centers offer medical assistance. It’s important to find a center that suits your particular needs. Nova offers detox services at two facilities.

Our IOP Locations

Nova’s Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) offers flexibility and recovery support, both of which are ideal for a busy college student’s lifestyle.

detox in austin, tx

Briarwood Detox Center is located in Austin and offers detox from many types of substances within the comfort of warm, lodge-like accommodations.

detox in houston, tx

Briarwood Detox Center is located in the Houston Heights, just 20 minutes northwest of downtown. Houston, Texas boasts comfortable, warm weather throughout the majority of the year, making this detox center a great place to rest, relax, and heal.

IOP in Austin, TX

Conveniently located in North Central Austin, a safe area of the city with many restaurants, businesses, and residential areas nearby. Also near our men’s and women’s sober living homes and less than 15 minutes from both ACC and UT at Austin.

IOP in Houston, TX

Located in the Houston Heights, a dynamic and revitalized area of the city. Easily accessible via local bus route and about 15 minutes northwest of  U of H and 10 minutes northwest of HCC.

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