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The experienced staff at Nova Recovery Center has developed a comprehensive drug and alcohol rehabilitation program based on a philosophy that emphasizes individualized treatment programming to address the deep underlying issues surrounding addiction, evidence-based treatment methods, and recovery support services. This method builds a strong treatment foundation for individuals in early recovery so they can heal, restore, and rebuild their lives.

Treating More Than Just Symptoms

Addiction to drugs and alcohol rarely ever exist on their own. In our experience, addiction is almost always a symptom of a much larger problem. People abuse drugs and alcohol as a way to cope with uncomfortable emotions like guilt and shame, to deal with spiritual distress, or to fill a void. Self-control and willpower are lost as continued substance abuse buries these feelings and creates walls to keep others out. At Nova, our treatment program is designed to break down those barriers by getting to the root of the problem and clearing a path out of addiction. Our experienced and compassionate staff members know where you are because we’ve all been there too. We’re ready to help you take back control of your life and life without shame or guilt.

Providing Powerful and Balanced Treatment

Nova’s treatment method is unique because it combines a 12-step immersion process and a blend of evidence-based clinical therapies and modalities to create a powerful and balanced drug and alcohol treatment program. Our experienced staff of treatment specialists understands that each client’s recovery process is different, therefore every treatment plan should be different as well. Our multidisciplinary treatment team provides fluid, individualized program plans that are designed and updated based on your own needs and circumstances. Years of work in the substance abuse treatment industry have taught us that this approach provides the best opportunity for long-term, lasting sobriety and it allows us to focus intently on the individual growth of each client.

Supporting Lasting Recovery

Recovery is an ongoing process, not a one-time event. In order for clients to maintain their sobriety after completing detox and drug rehab, it’s essential that they have the right support. To compliment every client’s clinical treatment, we also offer recovery support services long after residential rehab has been completed. Our continuum of care is designed to close the gap between residential treatment and a life in recovery away from the rehab center by personally guiding every client through the process. Nova offers intensive and supportive outpatient care, sober living programs, personal monitoring, and ongoing aftercare programs for our alumni. Each of these recovery support services is designed to provide peer support, accountability, life skills, and resources to maintain long-term sobriety. While no recovery program can offer a quick and easy fix, Nova Recovery Center makes a promise to be present and supportive for every client throughout the process. We are proud of our staff’s compassion, hard work, and dedication, and together, we all work diligently to ensure the safety, privacy, health, and well-being of each client.

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