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What Is Detox?

Drug and alcohol detox is the process by which a body rids itself of drugs and alcohol when a person stops taking substances they’ve become dependent on. When addictive substances are withheld, the body experiences withdrawal symptoms and brain function begins to recover and normalize.

In a professional detox setting, this process also includes the management of withdrawal symptoms. Common withdrawal symptoms include anxiety, aches, insomnia, nausea, chills, sweating, fever and seizures, and these effects can be highly uncomfortable.

People who attempt the process alone often return to using drugs or alcohol to relieve the discomfort, which is why going through drug and alcohol detox in a facility is helpful. Detox experts can help relieve your discomfort and support you in continuing the process.

Detox isn’t a substitute for addiction treatment; it’s just the first step. Therapy is necessary to learn healthy ways of thinking and behaving and to acquire skills to handle cravings and prevent relapse.

What is Medically Assisted Drug and Alcohol Detox?

Withdrawal is often unpleasant, but quitting certain substances such as alcohol or benzodiazepines can be dangerous or even deadly. For people addicted to these substances, their best—and safest—course of action is to go through a medically assisted detox.

In medically assisted detox, medical personnel supervise patients around the clock. Depending on the nature of the person’s addiction, detox staff may administer medications that ease withdrawal symptoms and control cravings. Some of these medications mimic the effects of the substance on the body in order to prevent withdrawal and are administered in gradually decreasing doses.

What Happens at Detox?

Detox is not a one-size-fits-all program. At a high-quality detox center, the process begins with a conversation between you and detox experts who help you understand what to expect during detox.

After you check in and complete paperwork, you’ll be assigned to a room. During your stay, you’ll frequently meet with your treatment counselors and medical staff, and you’ll be given plenty of time to rest while your body adjusts to functioning without substances. The detox process can vary and is tailored to each person’s individual situation.

Do I need Detox?

Whether you would benefit from detox before beginning therapy depends on several factors, including the length and intensity of your addiction, the substances you use and your most recent usage. The only way to find out whether you need detox is to get a personalized assessment from an addiction specialist. If you’re unsure whether you need detox, contact Nova Recovery Center today. Our compassionate admissions advisors can help you determine how best to proceed in your journey to recovery.

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We Accept Many Insurances


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Where Can I get Detox?

Not all rehab centers offer detox facilities, and not all detox centers offer medical assistance. It’s important to find a center that suits your particular needs.

Nova offers detox services at three facilities.

Drug and Alcohol Detox in Austin

Briarwood Detox Center is located in Austin and offers detox from many types of substances within the comfort of warm, lodge-like accommodations.

Drug and Alcohol Detox in Austin

Briarwood Detox Center is located in the Houston Heights, just 20 minutes northwest of downtown. Houston, Texas boasts comfortable, warm weather throughout the majority of the year, making this detox center a great place to rest, relax, and heal.

The Admissions Process

At Nova Recovery Center, we offer a simple admissions process to make your first steps on the road to recovery as easy as possible. We accept admissions 365 days a year, and it all starts with a confidential phone call. During that initial call, a member of the Nova team will gather information to ensure that you can get what you need from our program and answer any questions you may have.

Cost Of Our Detox

Nova Recovery Center offers quality outpatient addiction treatment, drug rehab in Austin Texas and peer recovery support services at an affordable price. We work with most insurance companies to help supplement the treatment costs.

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