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What Is Detox?

Detoxification (commonly referred to as detox) is often the first step in an addiction treatment plan, especially for certain substances such as alcohol or heroin. Detox is the process by which the body rids itself of drugs or alcohol when someone discontinues substance abuse. Our detox centers are available to help people get through this process safely and successfully, and a carefully planned approach to this process promotes overall addiction recovery.

What is Withdrawal?

Withdrawal from drugs or alcohol can be a painful and stressful process. As you develop a pattern of regular substance abuse, the chemistry of your brain is altered. Neurons and hormones are affected by substance abuse. Once the addictive substances are no longer present, your body’s chemistry balance is thrown into confusion.

These alterations can progress to a point where receptors in the brain stop functioning correctly. The resulting neurochemical reactions that happen during withdrawal cause adverse physical symptoms.

Withdrawal effects can include:

  • Hyperactivity
  • Brain receptor alterations
  • Elevated hormone levels
  • Increased/unstable blood pressure
  • Profuse sweating
  • Tremors
  • Severe nausea
  • Physical pain

People who attempt to detox alone at home often return to using drugs or alcohol to relieve the discomfort, which is why detoxing in a facility is helpful. Experienced medical staff can help relieve your discomfort by administering medications in an inpatient setting.

Detox by itself is not treatment; it’s just the first step. Individuals who do not receive any further treatment after detox usually resume drug use because it does not address the psychological, social and behavioral problems associated with addiction. If detox is not followed by therapy, it will not usually produce the long-lasting behavioral changes necessary for recovery.

Detox should be followed by a formal assessment and referral to some type of drug addiction treatment. Programs on a residential inpatient, intensive outpatient or supportive outpatient basis are most effective in helping people stay sober after detoxifying. Maintenance medications may also be prescribed for individuals in addiction treatment, helping to relieve any long-term withdrawal symptoms, alleviate cravings and block the effects of alcohol and illicit drug use.

What is Medically Assisted Drug and Alcohol Detox?

Withdrawal is often unpleasant, but quitting certain substances such as alcohol or benzodiazepines can be dangerous or even deadly. If you are addicted to these substances, the best—and safest—course of action is to go through a medically assisted detox.

In medically assisted detox, medical personnel supervise patients around the clock. Depending on the nature of your addiction, detox staff may administer medications that ease withdrawal symptoms and control cravings. Some of these medications mimic the effects of the substance on the body in order to prevent withdrawal and are administered in gradually decreasing doses.

What Happens During Detox?

Detox is not a one-size-fits-all program. At a high-quality detox center, the process begins with a conversation between you and detox experts who help you understand what to expect during detox.

Detox is designed to help you rest, heal, and recover from drug and alcohol addiction. As you are weaned off the drugs and your body is gradually restored to its original balance, you will need time to process the physical and psychological changes. A professional detox program provides medical supervision in a safe, sober, and supportive environment so you can have the best opportunity for sustained sobriety.

Most often, clients are asked to disconnect from their typical daily routine to complete detox. This means personal cell phones, laptops, and other internet-capable devices are not allowed. However, there are exceptions, as disconnecting completely is not always possible.

Some clients like business executives, politicians, lawyers, or CEOs may need to complete detox while maintaining their professional responsibilities. In these instances, an Executive Detox program can provide effective detox treatment with deluxe amenities, enhanced privacy and discretion, and the ability to access a personal cell phone and computer while detoxing.

Whether you enroll in a traditional detox program or executive detox, a few things will remain the same. After you check in and complete paperwork, you’ll be assigned to a room. During your stay, you’ll frequently meet with your treatment counselors and medical staff, and you’ll be given plenty of time to rest while your body adjusts to functioning without substances. The detox process can vary and is tailored to each person’s individual situation.

The three steps of a medical detox process

  1. Evaluation – First, you are tested to see which substances are present in the body and in what quantities. The medical staff also examines you for any co-existing physical disorders and mental health issues.
  2. Stabilization – Next, you go through the process of detoxification, supervised by treatment center staff. Prescribed medications are used to keep you comfortable and safe. The next steps of treatment are also introduced, providing an overview of what the recovery process involves.
  3. Guidance into treatment – The last step of detoxification is preparing you to enter the addiction treatment process. The medical detox process only deals with the physical dependency and addiction to drugs; it doesn’t address the psychological aspects of drug addiction. Drug rehabilitation programs are needed to deal with the psychological aspects.

Do I need Detox?

Whether you would benefit from detox before beginning therapy depends on several factors, including the length and intensity of your addiction, the substances you use and your most recent usage. The only way to find out whether you need detox is to get a personalized assessment from an addiction specialist. If you’re unsure whether you need detox, contact Nova Recovery Center today. Our compassionate admissions advisers can help you determine how best to proceed in your journey to recovery.

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Where Can I get Detox?

Not all rehab centers offer detox facilities, and not all detox centers offer medical assistance. It’s important to find a center that suits your particular needs.

Nova offers detox services at two facilities.

austin detox center

Briarwood Detox Center is located in Austin and offers detox from many types of substances within the comfort of warm, lodge-like accommodations.

houston detox

Briarwood Detox Center is located in the Houston Heights, just 20 minutes northwest of downtown. Houston, Texas boasts comfortable, warm weather throughout the majority of the year, making this detox center a great place to rest, relax, and heal.

The Admissions Process

At Nova Recovery Center, we offer a simple admissions process to make your first steps on the road to recovery as easy as possible. We accept admissions 365 days a year, and it all starts with a confidential phone call. During that initial call, a member of the Nova team will gather information to ensure that you can get what you need from our program and answer any questions you may have.


How Much Does Detox Cost?

Nova Recovery Center offers quality outpatient addiction treatment, drug rehab in Austin Texas and peer recovery support services at an affordable price. We work with most insurance companies to help supplement the treatment costs.

What Comes After Detox?

Medical detoxification isn’t a stand-alone treatment for addiction, and appropriate follow-up therapy is needed to maintain sobriety. Relying on detox alone will likely result in an eventual relapse. Once the body has rid itself of addictive substances, then counseling, therapy, nutrition and aftercare services help achieve sustained sobriety for the long-term.

Residential treatment after detox is the safest and most effective choice to remain substance-free. In a residential treatment program, you will reside at the center during treatment. This is the most effective option because, at first, the psychological cravings and resistance to sobriety will be at their greatest levels. Residential treatment allows for monitoring around the clock where medications and therapies can be administered to relieve any anxiety and agitation.

Long-term residential treatment consists of a daily schedule of therapy and medications to stabilize you. This increases your odds of maintaining sobriety without relapsing. Aftercare services assist in the transition from residential treatment to daily living with the help of outpatient rehab. Using a comprehensive course of treatment that includes detox, inpatient services, outpatient, sober living, and aftercare program will give you the tools you need to live a rewarding and sober life.

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We Accept Many Insurances

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Nova Recovery Center is dedicated to helping you or your loved one get help. Please call or fill out this form for a confidential consultation. One of our understanding, dedicated advisors will contact you about your options. Begin healing today.

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