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Treatment Modalities

Evidence-Based Treatment Methods for Drug and Alcohol Rehab

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Treatment modalities at Nova are designed to treat more than just the symptoms of addiction. All of the evidence-based treatment methods we provide work as a cohesive unit to build a comprehensive drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. This enables us to address the root issues surrounding your addiction to foster genuine and long-lasting personal growth and recovery.

Our treatment plans are not standardized. They are individually crafted to address your specific needs as you progress through our 12-step immersion process. Just as no two people are exactly the same, our recovery program encompasses the following modalities in a way that best suits your personal recovery from addiction.

Individual Drug Counseling

Individual drug counseling with your counselor focuses on self-assessment and an honest investigation of your addiction. Individual sessions with your recovery specialist also encourage the achievement of behavioral goals and the development of tools to continue living a sober lifestyle. Through weekly one-on-one sessions, you will work with your counselor and recovery specialist individually to address areas of your life that have been affected by your substance abuse, such as family, work or school. These discussions will continue as you continue to work your way through the 12-step process in group counseling.

Group Counseling

Studies have shown that group counseling in rehab is very beneficial to substance abuse recovery, especially when offered in conjunction with individual drug counseling. Not only do group sessions offer insight into negative behaviors that have contributed to an addictive lifestyle, but they also provide valuable practice communicating clearly and respectfully with others. Group counseling at Nova offers consistent opportunities for peer discussion as well as social reinforcement of the 12-step principles to help you maintain a substance-free life.

Educational Lectures

Educational lectures throughout our drug and alcohol recovery program include a broad range of topics, from nutrition and physical health to the science and consequences of addiction. Educational sessions are provided in a group setting at our drug rehab center with differing formats such as books, lectures, and films to assist with all learning styles. Educational lectures provide essential information to help clients better understand the disease of addiction, how substances affect the body, and how they can continue living a life of sobriety.

12-Step Program

Our addiction recovery program is firmly rooted in the principles of the 12-step program. The knowledge and tools outlined in this program provide valuable insight on how to live sober and find overall wellness and happiness in life. Through this program, you will fully engage in a recovery process with your peers that requires believing in a power greater than yourself, acknowledging your past mistakes, making amends with those you have harmed, and continuing life with a focus on your spiritual growth.

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