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Our sister company Eudaimonia Recovery Homes provides sober living homes for men and women in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The sober housing we provide in this area offers a beautiful and unique environment in which to begin the transition into a new sober life. These sober living houses are designed to provide continued support for individuals in recovery with structured daily schedules and regular drug and alcohol testing. If you’re looking for a fresh start, one of our Colorado Springs sober living homes is the perfect place to find it.

A Structured and Safe Foundation for Continued Support in Recovery

Our transitional living homes in Colorado Springs offer much more than just a roof over your head. These homes provide the essential structure and accountability people need to maintain long-term sobriety, establish important life skills, and the practice relapse prevention strategies clients learned during addiction treatment. Our men and women’s homes in Colorado Springs provide the following sober living support services:

  • Structured Living – All three of our sober living homes in Colorado Springs provide structured daily schedules for residents and require that all individuals participate in chores while also maintaining the cleanliness of their personal space. Additionally, residents must adhere to the community rules and policies established by Eudaimonia Recovery Homes, including a strict no-substance abuse policy. This helps maintain a safe, structured, and substance-free home for everyone.
  • Alcohol and Drug Screening Program – We perform drug tests approximately 80 hours apart to ensure the ongoing sobriety of all residents. We test for more than 70 different substances and receive immediate results for many, as well as confirmed laboratory results for others within 72 hours. All residents are automatically enrolled in our Alcohol and Drug Screening Program upon enrollment in a sober living program in Colorado Springs.

A Beautiful and Inspiring Location for a Fresh Start

Eudaimonia sober living homes in Colorado Springs are all located in safe, well-populated areas. Residents can easily access the local bus route for transportation into downtown Colorado Springs and there are several local retail shops, eateries, grocery stores, and employment opportunities nearby.

Our Colorado Springs sober living homes also provide residents with comfortable, modern amenities to help make the transition from rehab or IOP into a sober living program even easier. Our Colorado Springs residents enjoy the following amenities:

  • Fully furnished houses
  • Full kitchens with full appliances
  • Wi-Fi and cable
  • Flat-screen TVs
  • Spacious shared rooms with single platform beds
  • Washers and dryers

Complete Our Simple Admissions Process to Make Your Move

The admissions process for our transitional living program is quick and easy. We are well aware that choosing a sober living program is a difficult process, let alone trusting someone else with the safety and care of your loved one. For this reason, we aim to provide a stress-free enrollment process so you can feel at ease knowing that you or your loved one will be safe in our care.

Our transitional housing programs are very affordable and our admissions team is readily available to answer any questions you have about amenities, sober support resources, and the Colorado Springs area. If you are searching for sober living homes in the Colorado Springs area, you’ve come to the right place. Please call (512) 605-2955 to speak with an admissions representative or to get started with the enrollment process today.

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