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8 Daily Relapse Prevention Tips

Hi there, thanks for joining me. This podcast is all about sharing positive advice and wisdom for daily life in recovery. In this episode, I’m going to provide 8 daily relapse prevention tips.

If you are in recovery, you’re most likely fully aware that every day can be a challenge. Although your days in detox and rehab are over and you’re not actively abusing drugs and alcohol anymore, day-to-day life can still be filled with triggers, stressful occurrences, and cravings. (more…)

6 Important Things No One Tells You About Addiction

rehab group sessionSubstance use disorder is a complex issue and negative social stigma often keeps people from sharing their life experiences involving addiction. Throughout the treatment process, people in recovery work hard to explore the causes of their substance abuse and strategies for preventing relapse. During this process, they learn many things about addiction that could have been helpful in hindsight. Here are six things people often realize after they’ve struggled with addiction and are on the other side in recovery. (more…)

Is Marijuana Addictive?

marijuana addictionAccording to the Pew Research Center, about six-in-ten Americans (62%) say the use of marijuana should be legalized.1 But should more people be wary about its addictive qualities? And who is most at risk of developing marijuana addiction?

Is Marijuana Addictive?
Not everyone who uses marijuana will become addicted but some may develop a tolerance, physical dependence, and withdrawal symptoms, which are all distinct signs of addiction.


PTSD and Addiction: Healing the Wounds

woman suffering from PTSDThe National Center for PTSD reports about seven or eight of every 100 people will suffer from PTSD at some point in their lives.1 People with PTSD are also three times more likely to abuse drugs than those without it. Additionally, 50 percent of people who have PTSD also abuse alcohol.2

While the relationship between PTSD and addiction is very clear, the solution is not always as obvious. If you or a loved one is suffering, it’s important to understand why the two disorders often occur simultaneously and what kind of treatment is most effective for overcoming both. (more…)

Ready to Get Sober? 5 Reasons Not to Wait Until After the Holidays

calendarThe holiday season is a joyous and eventful time that many people look forward to. If your addiction has reared it’s ugly head and you’re finally ready to get help, the thought of missing out on the holiday fun may be a major deterrent. Although it may be easier to shelve the idea of going to rehab and come back to it after the holiday season has ended, there are several reasons why waiting could be more detrimental in the long run. (more…)

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