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As the chemicals being used in synthetic drugs are discovered by authorities and designated as controlled substances, chemists are finding ways to get around legal restrictions by creating new compounds for synthetic or “designer” drugs. Pump-It Powder is one of the latest synthetic and technically legal drugs to gain popularity. The powder is a synthetic drug being sold to replace the now illegal “bath salts.” Sold at gas stations and head shops, Pump-It Powder is labeled as “not intended for human consumption” and is being marketed as an enhanced plant vitamin.

What does it do?

The active ingredient in Pump-It Powder is methylhexanamine, which is still a legal substance. Also known as Geranamine, the drug is an amphetamine-related stimulant and decongestant. Little research is available about the drug as it has not been widely studied. It was patented in 1944, but little has been done with it since.

Users of Pump-It Powder have reported effects similar to bath salts, including hallucinations, paranoia, and seizures. They have also reported that the drug has similar effects to and yet is more powerful than cocaine and methamphetamine.


Many of the concerns about Pump-It Powder have to do with its accessibility and effects. Found at convenience stores and gas stations, it is easy to purchase. Also at only $30 per container, it is relatively inexpensive. Authorities are concerned that since the drug is still legal, users will assume that it is safe for consumption despite its labeling as an enhanced plant vitamin. Another serious concern is that the drug has a delayed effect before users feel any effects. This delay is causing individuals to continue taking doses in order to bump the effects and accidentally ingesting a dangerous hyper dose of the drug which can lead to serious injury or even death.

Pump-It Powder is the latest synthetic drug in a string of new drugs being made by creative chemists in an attempt to work around legal restrictions on controlled substances. Like most of the other synthetic drugs on the market, very little is known about what is in the product and what the long term health effects may be. Individuals toying with synthetic drugs risk addiction, illness, and injury.