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According to the Federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration only 2.5million people received aid for drug and alcohol treatment out of the 23.1 million who needed it in 2012.  Heroin addicts play a smaller role in those addicted, but their numbers have doubled from 2007 to 2012. There are an estimated 700,000 drug addicts addicted to heroin in America. The insurance industry has not come to grips with the dangers of heroin withdrawal, although it has not been known to kill, withdrawal symptoms can often lead to relapses. Heroin withdrawal feels like your bones are about to break, you’re sweating and having the chills at the same time, mixed with vomiting and diarrhea. These symptoms often feel like too much for the drug users who often return to heroin for ease and comfort. Even if the addict survives the heroin withdrawal, they often relapse if they fail to make it into treatment in a timely manner.

New Hampshire residents who use Medicaid are now eligible for drug addiction treatment. Around 140,000 Medicaid recipients are now qualified to use their insurance for addiction recovery services. State health officials announced the new revisions to the states Medicaid practices. The expansion went into effect this past Friday. As of July 1st which marked the beginning of the state’s budget year, Medicaid will pay for substance use disorder treatment. The benefit was already available to the 49,000 people who enrolled as part of the state’s Medicaid expansion program launched two years ago. All standard Medicaid recipients can now access substance abuse disorder benefits, including residential treatment, opioid treatment programs, and recovery support services. New Hampshire Health and Human Services Commissioner Jeffrey Meyer called the expanded treatment an “important milestone in the state’s response to the opioid addiction crisis.”

As the number of heroin users continues to rise increasing number of those addicted are looking for help but are having trouble doing so. The expansion doesn’t mean that addiction treatment will be easily available for those who need it. Medicaid funded beds are limited, and there is currently waiting lists at many addiction treatment centers for these beds. Although the Medicaid plan does allow access to substance use disorder services including assessment, residential treatment, outpatient services, opioid treatment programs, and recovery support services, the states limited beds is halting the process. With packed facilities, treatment is expensive for those who use private pay or out of network benefits, getting into an inpatient rehab facility can be a slow process.  

Nova Recovery Center offers Heroin Addiction Treatment and Drug Treatment. Located in Austin, Texas our 90-day inpatient program is staffed by licensed counselor’s and recovery specialists. Our program is designed to treat the underlying problems of drug addiction. If you or a loved one is struggling with a heroin addiction or drug addiction, contact Nova Recovery Center today for help.

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