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In most cases, medically supervised drug and alcohol detox is necessary for a safe transition from active addiction into sobriety. However, sometimes privacy issues, a busy lifestyle, or convenience can be a barrier to treatment. Our medical detox center in Houston, Texas addresses those unique needs by providing safe and effective detox for working professionals, or anyone who wants heightened comfort and flexibility while detoxing.

What is Executive Detox?

Executive detox is medically supervised drug and alcohol detox that is tailored to the lifestyle of business executives or anyone who needs the utmost privacy and discretion while detoxing. With executive detox, you don’t have to put your professional life on hold to get sober. Our private, convenient, and flexible program can easily be integrated into your lifestyle.

Our executive detox program is distinguished from other programs because clients receive medication-assisted detox treatment in a high-end environment with enhanced levels of discretion and privacy.

Executive Amenities: A High-End Alternative to Traditional Detox

Clients of our executive detox program have access to deluxe amenities and comforts that are typically not provided by traditional detox programs. Our deluxe amenities include:

  • Private room
  • King size bed
  • Access to a personal cell phone and computer
  • Personalized meals catered by local Houston restaurants
  • Ultimate discretion and anonymity

Discreet, Accommodating Detox for Those Who Need it Most

This type of detox program is beneficial for a variety of clients, including (but not limited to):

  • Business executives
  • Public figures
  • Celebrities
  • Lawyers
  • Medical professionals
  • Anyone with an established career
  • Anyone who needs additional privacy and discretion during detox

Phone and Laptop-Friendly Drug Detox Programs in Houston

We provide medication-assisted detox treatment for all addictive substances including:

  • Alcohol
  • Opioids
  • Methamphetamine
  • Heroin
  • Prescription drugs
  • Synthetic drugs
  • Benzodiazepines
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Call (512) 605-2955 to verify your benefits.

Individualized, Evidence-Based Detox Treatment for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

At Briarwood, our experienced, compassionate, and professional staff provides effective medical treatment to combat cravings and reduce uncomfortable symptoms associated with drug and alcohol withdrawal. Our executive detox program is comprised of the following three stages:

  1. Comprehensive assessment – Before your treatment begins, our staff will complete a comprehensive clinical and physical assessment to determine your needs and create a personalized detox program to address them.
  1. Supervised detox – Once your treatment has begun, our staff will monitor your progress to ensure your safety and comfort as we help you gradually ease into a state of sobriety. Our detox programs are completely fluid, meaning treatment will be adjusted as your needs change.
  1. Clinical counseling – Counseling sessions with our clinical staff will address your thoughts, emotions, and questions regarding the recovery process. This will also help you prepare for entry into a rehab program if you choose to continue your treatment after detox.

Executive detox at Briarwood serves as the cornerstone of a well-rounded addiction treatment regimen. Upon completion of your program, our staff will provide recommendations for ongoing treatment.

Convenient, Quiet Location with Highly Credentialed Staff

Our detox center is located at 1019 Ashland Street in Houston, Texas and is nestled in a quiet neighborhood of the historic Houston Heights. Conveniently located 30 minutes south of George Bush Intercontinental Airport and 20 minutes northwest of downtown Houston, our facility is easily accessible for professional clients. We maintain a peaceful atmosphere that encourages physical healing and personal growth, while also catering to the needs of the working professional.

Fred Wilson, MD
Medical Director, Board Certified Psychiatrist

Rita Kent, RN, LCDC
Detox Counselor, Houston

Colleen Culton,BS, LCDC
Executive Clinical Director

Elizabeth Kahn, F-NP
Director of Nursing

Jason Powers, MD
Addiction Medicine Specialist

1019 Ashland St
Houston, TX 77008

(832) 645-2051

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Executive Detox Center in Houston

Enhanced comfort, more privacy and deluxe amenities

Conveniently located in The Heights

Immediate beds available.

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Call (512) 605-2955 to verify your benefits.

Deluxe Amenities

  • Private rooms
  • King size beds
  • Access to personal cell phone and computer
  • Personalized meals
  • Outdoor lounge/seating area
  • Quiet neighborhood (The Heights)

Comprehensive Detox Services

  • Medically-supervised detox
  • Management of withdrawal symptoms
  • Individual & group counseling
  • Private rooms with flat screen TV

Who is Executive Detox Designed for?

Our professional detox program for executives is designed with a wide range of clients in mind. Examples of clients who might benefit from this detox program include:

  • Anyone who has a well-established career
  • Anyone who needs additional discretion and privacy while in detox
  • CEOs and business executives
  • Legal professionals
  • Professional performers
  • Politicians

Executive Detox Caters to More Than Just Your Comfort

  • Individualized Detox Treatment
  • Enhanced Comfort and Safety
  • Upscale Accommodations
  • Personal Recommendations for Ongoing Addiction Treatment

Our Location

Briarwood Detox Center is located in Houston’s Greater Heights area, about 20 minutes northwest of downtown. Located in a safe and desirable area of the city, this facility is ideal for clients who are seeking medically assisted drug detox and stabilization without having to travel outside of the city limits.
Houston, Texas boasts warm, balmy weather throughout most of the year, providing an agreeable environment in which clients can relax, rest, and restore their bodies to a state of stability and sobriety in preparation for rehab or ongoing addiction treatment.

Our Houston location is also just 40 minutes northwest of William P. Hobby Airport and 30 minutes south of George Bush Intercontinental Airport for clients who are traveling to Houston for treatment.

Detox Center in Houston, TX
Email: admissions@briarwooddetox.com
Url: https://www.briarwooddetox.com
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1019 Ashland St Houston, TX 77008

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