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Benefits of Employee Assistance Programs

Why Utilize an EAP for Addiction Treatment?

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Whether you’re an employer offering an EAP or an employee using your EAP services to seek treatment for substance abuse, there are many advantages to both.

EAP Benefits For Employers

More than 97 percent of large companies in America offer EAPs and 75 to 80 percent of medium-sized and smaller companies make EAP services available to their employees. Here are some of the primary benefits of EAPs for employers.

  • Reduced employee absences – Hangovers or all-night binges make it difficult to get to work on time—if at all. In fact, among employed drug users, absenteeism is 66 percent higher. An addicted employee may try his or her best to juggle life responsibilities like work, school, and family, but in the end, the addiction always wins. By offering an EAP, employees can get the help they need to kick their drug or alcohol habit and learn how to manage life responsibilities without substance abuse.
  • Fewer employee injuries and fatalities – An employee that is hungover, high, or otherwise impaired puts himself or herself at serious risk for injury, as well as other employees on the job. This is especially true in industries that require a lot of manual labor, long hours driving, or operation of heavy machinery. By helping unstable employees get clean and sober, employers are safeguarding the workplace to ensure all team members are protected from preventable injury or death.
  • Less theft – Addiction can drive a responsible person to do things they may not normally do, such as steal from their employer. Drug and alcohol abuse is closely linked to crimes such as theft, as drug abusers often sell or steal valuable objects or money to pawn for drug money. Employee theft can cause employers hundreds or thousands of dollars every year, so by providing EAP services, they can cut down on this unnecessary expense.
  • Fewer workers’ compensation claims – Addicted employees may file more workers’ compensation claims as a result of injuries, stress, or trauma that occurs in the workplace or that is related to the job. Using EAP services can address employees’ feelings of depression, anxiety, and other behavioral issues related to their substance abuse. In turn, these efforts can reduce the number of drug and alcohol-related workers’ compensation claims and effectively treat the addiction before it causes issues at work.
  • Decreased legal costs – By providing EAP services, employers can reduce their legal costs and decrease the amount of health benefit utilization by employees. Health benefit utilization among employed drug users is 84 percent greater (in dollar terms) than it is among employees who do not abuse drugs.
  • ROI between $3 and $10 per $1 invested in EAP services – The average cost of an EAP per employee per year varies from about $33 to $50 but will depend on the size of the employer, the location, and the type of EAP contract purchased. Although employers must invest in an EAP to get anything from it, the overall return on investment is significant. When utilized correctly, an EAP is a very worthwhile investment.

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