12 Step Program-Long-Term Recovery

12-Step Program

The 12 steps that build your pathway to freedom

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At Nova, we have clinical and recovery teams that work together to form our Recovery Program in order to break down barriers built by a history of trauma, chronic relapse, and intense shame. Our program consists of an assigned recovery specialist, a peer-driven community and groups, and accountability exercises designed to improve communication and raise awareness of behaviors that need to change.

Recovery Specialists – Clients work individually with a recovery specialist and a counselor. The role of the recovery specialist is to guide clients through the 12 steps while in treatment. Most of our recovery specialist are Certified International Peer Recovery Specialists and are recognized by the state of Texas and Texas Association of Addiction Professionals as well as the International Certification and Reciprocity Consortium. All of our recovery specialist are in recovery themselves and have found a solution to their problems through working on the 12 steps. Our recovery specialists  facilitate 12-Step Big Book, spirituality, and awareness groups as well as meet with our clients for individual sessions two times per week.

Peer-Driven Community and Groups – Our recovery program divides clients into three groupings based on their step work progress. Group one focuses on steps one through three; group two focuses on steps four through nine; and group three focuses on steps ten through twelve. Our group three clients’ main focus is the daily disciplines of the tenth and eleventh step, and focusing on service work (step twelve) with their peers. In the big book chapter, “Working With Others,” it states, “Practical experience shows that nothing will so much as ensure immunity from drinking as intensive work with other alcoholics. It works when other activities fail.” Therefore, our group three clients work with group one clients on step work. Our role as recovery specialists is to provide guidance and show our clients how to stay sober, living by the twelve principles of recovery found in the steps.

Accountable Culture – Four days a week, clients participate in an awareness group, which is facilitated by our recovery specialists. The purpose of an awareness group is for the community to create accountability and bring each other awareness regarding behaviors, actions, or attitudes that they don’t see or acknowledge within themselves in their day-to-day actions. It helps each individual in the group to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and wakes them up to the blind spots that can possibly lead them back to active addiction. Language used in this group is in the format of sentence stems, “When I see…” “When I hear…” (actions and attitudes), and “I feel…” (identifying emotion). This not only helps the person who is receiving awareness, but teaches the client who is bringing the awareness how to effectively communicate their feelings in their own voice.

We have found that combining these elements creates an experience where our clients can feel safe and heard, learn a new way of living, and take a look at themselves in a way that facilitates real and lasting change.

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