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Opiate Addiction Treatment

opiate treatmentThe impact of opiate use is felt all across the United States, with opiates being identified as the most or one of the most important drug abuse issues affecting several local regions from coast to coast. According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, opiates are no longer predominates solely in urban areas. Several suburban and rural communities near Chicago and St. Louis report increasing amounts of opiates seized by officials as well as increasing numbers of overdose deaths due to opiate use. Opiate use is also on the rise in many urban areas among young adults aged 18-25. Individuals in this age group seeking opiate addiction treatment for opiate abuse increased from 11 percent of total admissions in 2008 to 26 percent in the first half of 2012.

Common Opiate Drug Addictions

The large increase in opiate addiction, is drive by the common us of these top 5 opiates:

  1. Heroin- Many people abusing heroin do not realize it is an opiate. Processed from morphine, this street drug has claimed the life of many people over the years. It can be injected, snorted, or smoked, with all three methods of intake having the potential to cause serious illness or even death.
  2. Hydrocodone- This opiate is known as a narcotic analgesic. Despite the fact that it can be successfully used to relieve pain, it is highly addictive. Hydrocodone should only be taken if prescribed by a medical professional.
  3. Methadone- Methadone has been growing in popularity since the 1940’s, at which time it was synthesized from methadone due to a morphine shortage. It may not be share the same chemical characteristics as heroin and morphine, but the end result is often times the same. In today’s world, methadone is commonly used for the treatment of a narcotic addiction, however, many people become addicted to this drug due to the way it makes them feel.
  4. Morphine- Morphine is prescribed by doctors for the treatment of serious pain. Unfortunately, many people have come to abuse this drug illegally, as they enjoy the effects it has on their body.
  5. Vicodin- This prescription drug is used to treat pain, but has also become popular on the street. Vicodin intake should be carefully monitored by a medical professional, as it is both physically and psychologically addictive.

Opiate Withdraw

Opiate withdraw, can be painful. During an intake assessment, opiate use often times triggers a flag for opiate detox. When attempting to withdraw from opiates, one schedule consult with medical professionals. Learn more about opiate detox services or read our opiate detox blog.

Opiate Treatment Methods

Treating opiate addiction, with opiate blockers has become popular news in recent years. Although this approach may work for individuals, utilizing cognitive-behavorial therapy, contingency management and a continuum of care plan consisting of recovery groups can lead to long-term results.

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