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Helping our clients get the treatment they deserve

At Nova Recovery Center, helping people find healing and restoration in sobriety is what we do. We provide comprehensive addiction treatment with detox, rehab, sober living, and aftercare programs with facilities conveniently located in Austin, Houston, and Colorado Springs. In guiding each of our clients through every stage of the treatment process, we focus on preventing chronic relapse, thus promoting long-term success in recovery.

In the event that we can’t address a client’s needs exclusively with our program, we rely on our partnerships to help us provide the best, personalized treatment possible. We’ve established many partnerships with professionals over the years, including: interventionists, private medical practices, counselors, etc…

Because our clients’ well-being is our highest priority, we are always looking for opportunities to expand our partnerships with other professionals. Would you be interested in talking about how we can work together for the benefit of our clients? If so, let’s schedule a time to talk.


Affordable treatment for all clients

We are proud to offer our licensed clinical services to clients at a very affordable price. Our detox centers are in-network with Humana and Aetna. We also work with a number of other U.S. insurance providers including:

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