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The challenges and obstacles you face in recovery continue well after you leave rehab. The best way to face those challenges is with the help of a peer support group who will keep you motivated, accountable, and sober even after you return to independent life back at home.

Nova’s Aftercare program is specifically designed for alumni who have graduated from our residential drug and alcohol rehab program. After completing rehab and acclimating into a new sober lifestyle, you will face events and circumstances you did not experience while in a 90-day treatment program. To help you manage these circumstances and continue on the path to long-term recovery, we provide an Aftercare program that offers ongoing support with regular group therapy meetings.

The primary objectives of the Aftercare rehab program at Nova are to:


  • Help clients maintain their sobriety after rehab
  • Provide peer support through group therapy
  • Provide consistency and accountability with regular check-in meetings

Aftercare Program Outline

Our Aftercare program meets once a week in a safe and comfortable setting. Each group meeting is facilitated by a licensed counselor and is designed to be a clinical and recovery check-in for alumni of our residential drug and alcohol rehab program.

Each meeting you attend will serve as an opportunity to receive clinical and recovery advice from clinicians and peers regarding your current situation. Group sessions are a safe, welcoming place where everyone has a voice and everyone can be heard. Every week you’ll have the opportunity to share the details of any particular issues you’re facing or provide feedback on another person’s situation.

Over time, you’ll not only feel equipped to handle any and every challenge that threatens your sobriety, but you may also find that your ability to communicate, listen, and encourage others has improved as well.

Nova’s Aftercare program lasts 12 months and can be combined with several of our other recovery support services, such as sober living or personal monitoring.


Austin, Texas

Nova Recovery Center’s Aftercare program is available at our Austin, Texas location. Our Austin group meets once a week. If alumni have questions or need additional support, our staff can schedule a convenient time for a private individual session with a licensed counselor.

Houston, Texas

Nova Recovery Center does not provide a scheduled Aftercare program in Houston, but our local clinical counselors are available to meet with clients on a case-by-case basis if the need arises.

Aftercare Program Benefits

  • Provides continued support from peers in recovery
  • Reduces the risk of relapse after rehab
  • Offers a safe place to discuss ongoing recovery issues
  • Helps clients maintain sobriety with an accountable culture

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