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“Sobriety” Author Daniel Maurer Talks 12 Steps and His Graphic Novel

cover of sobriety a graphic novel

Daniel Maurer is an accomplished author who lives in Saint Paul, Minnesota with his wife, Carol, and two sons. His four books include “Faraway: A Suburban Boy’s Story as a Victim of Sex Trafficking”, “Papa Luther: A Graphic Novel”, “Endure: The Power of Spiritual Assets for Resilience to Trauma & Stress” and “Sobriety: A Graphic Novel.”

He is in recovery from opioid addiction and he heavily drew upon his own recovery experience with the 12-Step Program while writing his graphic novel “Sobriety.” (more…)

Movie Review: “Beautiful Boy”

beautiful boy poster“Beautiful Boy” is a compelling story about addiction and a family’s struggle to cope. Directed by Felix van Groeningen and based on the best-selling memoirs by David and Nic Sheff, it’s a movie that is heartbreaking to watch, but in the end, it is also a reminder that there’s always hope for recovery. (more…)

Author Brittany Shelton Talks Addiction, Life Lessons, and Her Book

Discovering Beautiful bookDiscovering Beautiful is a powerful narrative about author Brittany Shelton’s personal struggle with addiction and her journey to recovery. Within the pages of her book, she shares some of her most personal experiences, diving deep into some important topics related to addiction, including childhood trauma, sexual assault, mental illness, shame, and domestic violence. (more…)

Netflix Documentary Review: Take Your Pills

Netflix Documentary Review: Take Your PillsThe Netflix documentary “Take Your Pills,” directed by Alison Klayman, asks some very pointed questions regarding our society’s willingness to use performance-enhancing stimulants like Adderall and Ritalin. Although the film explores the historical development, production, and widespread use of these drugs over time, it also begs one very important question: What is the cost of it all? (more…)

Netflix Documentary Review: Heroin(e)

Netflix Documentary Review: Heroin(e)The definition of a heroine is, “a woman noted for courageous acts or nobility of character.” The Netflix Original documentary “Heroin(e)” directed by Elaine McMillion Sheldon, brings that definition to life as it follows the lives of three courageous women who are battling West Virginia’s opioid epidemic every single day: a judge, a fire chief, and a street missionary. (more…)

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