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The Cost of Heroin Addiction

The unspoken amount of cost of heroin addiction is rarely spoken about. The drug epidemic gripping the nation and has devastating effects on our younger generation. Heroin is a highly addictive opioid that tears families apart, destroys stability, steals innocence, happiness and any sense of safety in the family. The disease of heroin addiction doesn’t care about race, color, or size, it doesn’t care what neighborhood you live in or where you work, it can effect anyone. Instead of getting the love, care, and attention children need to grow, they’re becoming secondary to heroin. Heroin replaces your morals with corruption, lies, and stealing. It doesn’t take long for the average American to become hooked on heroin. Within weeks a person can change and do whatever it takes to get the drug. The endless quest to get the next high, and we say “endless” unless a proper intervention and heroin addiction treatment takes place, as there may be little hope. The enormous toll is breathtaking.

How Heroin Addiction Affects Children

To put the untold cost of heroin addiction in perspective let us talk directly about the parents who use heroin who have children. Aside from the family financial burden and emotional toll, foster care homes are filling up with children left behind from heroin addiction. In Kentucky alone, foster care and other placement homes are at an all-time high. Reaching 8.084 fostered kids, over a 1000 person increase from six years ago. State and local leaders say drugs, especially heroin, are to blame. Another state dealing with a heroin problem is Indiana, where records show 2,600 children were removed from their homes because of parents’ drug use during the six months leading up to March 2015. That’s an increase of 71% from the previous 2 years. While these numbers are quite grim, other child welfare statistics are equally as mind-blowing. Kentucky’s substantiated social service reports involving drug abuse rose to 8,542 last year, up from 6,303 in 2011. Drug abuse also helped swell the ranks of children growing up without either parent, Kids Count data show, from 63,000 in 2010 to 80,000 two years ago in Kentucky, and from 81,000 to 89,000 in Indiana. What does this mean for the children who have to grow up without a parent? The answers could be endless, as some studies have been done for children with absent parents and the outcomes are unpleasant. Of course, this doesn’t mean everyone child effected by the heroin epidemic will have to endure counseling or be at higher risk of abusing drugs when they grow up. A child needs both parents in their life, they’re helpless against the disease of addiction and the effects it has on their families. Children taken away due to their parents using heroin will miss out on family holidays, birthdays, and life events. This could be a very lonely time for a child, and they could build resentment against their parents. The unspoken price one’s family has to pay for addiction is astonishing.

Heroin Addiction Drug Rehab in Austin

Here at Nova Recovery Center we offer heroin addiction treatment in Texas and drug rehab in Austin. We can help those family members who suffer from abuse of heroin and other opioids and drugs including alcohol. Our 90 day inpatient residential rehab center is located on 20 acres of beautiful Texas hill country. Our onsite doctor, counselors and recovery specialists can provide you with the tools to overcome your addiction and get your life back. If you or someone you know is addicted to drugs or alcohol, we can help. Call 855.834.6682 to speak to an admissions representative today.
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