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Treatment Approaches

Idividualized addiction treatment plan

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Treatment Approaches

Every person is unique. Every life. Every story. Every treatment should be too.

An array of options allows you to experience a completely individualized treatment plan at an affordable price. Our compassionate, committed team of professionals works together to empower you to take the reins of your life and create the reality you desire.


Our diverse, complimentary addiction treatment programs


The Daring Way™

The Daring Way™ addresses how behavior issues are connected to your addiction and relapse pattern by acknowledging feelings of shame and vulnerability.
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Trauma Informed Practices

We recognize that many addictions stem from traumatic experiences during childhood and explore underlying issues with compassion and understanding.
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Family Program

Our intensive Family Program combines group therapy, lectures, and experiential work in order to heal deeply seated wounds and define the role each person plays in your recovery.
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12-Step Program

The 12-Step Program, consisting of a Recovery Specialist and a peer-driven community, is designed to improve communication and raise awareness of problematic behaviors.
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Fitness in Recovery

Our onsite fitness trainer works with you to develop a daily exercise routine that matches your needs and skill level in order to improve your mood, sleep, and quality of life.
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Behavioral Therapies

Behavioral Therapy works to modify the attitudes and behaviors surrounding your addiction and improve your ability to handle stressful situations that may trigger a desire to use.
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