Fitness in Long Term Drug and Alcohol Recovery

Fitness in Recovery

The importance of mind, body, and spirit in addiction recovery

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Our CrossFit ™ Program is Performed 5 Days A Week

fitness_dumbellsFitness and exercise are huge components in the solution to addiction. Exercise and physical fitness can help boost critical brain chemicals like dopamine, noradrenaline, and serotonin, which are the same chemicals affected by most drugs of addiction. A healthy exercise or physical fitness regiment can lead to improvements in mood, weight, sleep, and quality of life. Some studies have shown exercise can spur the nervous system’s ability to heal itself, otherwise known as neuroplasticity. In theory, exercise re-grooves our memory pathways, which can often be battered by extensive substance use.

fitness_machinesOur goal is to equip each client with the maximum amount of supportive tools and knowledge to achieve long-term recovery, and we believe exercise and physical fitness can do just that. Our onsite fitness instructor, a certified CrossFit and personal trainer, has developed and executed a blend of exercises, physical fitness and CrossFit sessions into a five-day-a-week regiment. Our fitness program is tailored to adapt to the physical needs and goals of each individual client. Although having the ability to work out in a gym on a daily basis is a benefit, the reality is that not everyone’s schedule permits it. Clients will not only have the experience of utilizing strength and conditioning equipment, they will also learn how to exercise with available tools and environments in everyday life. Fitness in recovery is possible and is another avenue to achieve long-term sobriety. To learn more about fitness in recovery, contact our admissions team or click here.

Andy St. Germain – Onsite Fitness Trainer

Andy is a CrossFit™ Level 1 Trainer and has been heavily involved in sports and fitness for the past decade. His love for fitness started in his early years with wrestling, where his success captured him numerous awards at state and national competitions. In addition to his personal career as a wrestler, he has multiple years of experience coaching at the club and high school levels.

In the past four years, Andy has changed gears from wrestling to fitness. Along with being the Fitness Trainer at Nova Recovery Center, he is a competitive athlete in CrossFit™, where he was 35th in the 2015 South Central Regionals.

Andy began working in the recovery field in 2012, after years of his own battle with addiction. He is a Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialist and is an active member in the Austin recovery community. One of Andy’s passions today is to enable individuals struggling with addiction to find a happier and healthier lifestyle through fitness and the twelve steps in order to help facilitate a more positive, long-lasting change in their lives.

Fitness in Recovery

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