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Family Program

Intensive family program to heal together

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Loving someone who is trapped in the grasp of addiction can create pain, sadness, and isolation. Maintaining relationships can be difficult, frustrating, and even scary. We understand where you are, and want to support and assist you in beginning to change it.

At Nova, we believe in offering an experience with the work we do. We dedicate ourselves to powerful work, and have thoughtfully created an Intensive Family Program with healing at its core. Our program is designed to acknowledge all family members and allow everyone to be heard and begin healing. We have carefully selected a team of experienced, skilled, and caring people to assist you in learning about yourself, your family, and the role everyone plays in recovering.

Our Program is a 3-day intensive experience that combines therapy groups, lectures, homework, experiential work, and deeply moving family encounters designed to let you leave your pain here with us and move toward healing. Our schedule includes varied interventions and groups, designed to reach people through various methods and models.

  • Lecture series topics include breaking down the disease concept and addiction’s effect on the brain, communication skills training, and understanding codependency and boundary setting. We have also implemented components of The Daring Way™ modules that unpack ideas around defense mechanisms and self-defeating behaviors of the addict and family.
  • Homework assignments are given each night. We use Nova’s unique use of Johari’s Window to identify family issues and writing assignments to address the pain, love, and boundaries needed to move forward.
  • Therapy groups based in the Cognitive Behavioral and Interpersonal Therapy Models centered on discovering root issues in the family system and allowing all family members to have a voice around their experience of the addiction cycle. This involves groups with and without the client present.
  • Experiential work is done using psychodrama techniques of role reversal, mirroring, and modeling. We engage the entire family in exercises that use everyone’s perspective to break down denial and barriers.
  • Interaction with community anonymous groups is encouraged, and families are asked to travel off campus with a Nova representative to a meeting to begin finding support.

Our Family Program facilities are discreetly set up separately from the main campus. This allows for minimal distractions and promotes relationship-building with other families. We facilitate a private and intimate experience with small groups. Come work with us, and set your truth free.

Testimonials from family members

2/2017, Mother: “John and Jenn were awesome. They worked well with the group. They are very knowledgeable about addiction and family dynamics.”

2/2017, Client : “Nova family workshop was a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone if it is available.”- K.S.

1/2017, Mother: “Nova has given me hope for my son’s future for the first time in 10years. I feel confident that he has learned the necessary skills to live a life of sobriety.”- J.C.

1/2017, Father: “I had such a good feeling about this place when I dropped Aaron off. From my experience it reinforced everything I sensed and felt. Thank you Nova and staff.”- N.R.

1/2017, Mother: “I have never been as hopeful as I am today for Alex’s recovery. Nova has given us hope to a hopeless situation. I can never say enough good things about Alex’s counselor Julie. John and Jen were simply amazing with their abilities to identify deep issues.” –L.C.

1/2017, Father: “This has been very beneficial to Lou Ann and I. Jenn and John have been great and it is something I will never forget.” –T.C.

1/2017, Father: “This program has been very educational to me and given me knowledge.” –K.C.

Read more testimonials from family members

Jody Hatch, MA, LCDC – Family Program Therapist

Jody graduated with an Advanced Practice Master’s Degree from The Hazelden Betty Ford Graduate School of Addiction Studies. Her specialty training includes treating individuals with concurrent mental health and substance abuse disorders. She completed multiple rotations at the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation Treatment Center in Minnesota and worked there as an inpatient counselor before returning to her hometown of Austin, Texas. The disease of addiction is frequently referred to as the family disease of addiction because when one member of the family is suffering, it impacts the entire family system. As a result, all family members are intricately involved in the addiction cycle. Therefore, she has a passion for helping families understand the dynamics of this disease and guiding them in in their own recovery as individuals and as a family system.

Jody strives to empower each client to live a life that is complementary to their values and abilities. She offers a compassionate approach to every individual and family and utilizes therapeutic interventions that will best meet each client’s unique situation. She understands the complexities of the addiction cycle as relates to the individual and the family. She applies an integrated (biological, psychological and sociological and spiritual) approach to recovery. Jody has expertise in mindfulness-based relapse prevention, 12-Step intervention, cognitive behavior therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, family interventions, and motivational interviewing. Jody is a committed to empowering each person and family with information, insight, and practical skills so they can direct the course of their own lives and experience a productive and satisfying life while in recovery from substance use and mental health disorders.

Family Program

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