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Trauma-Informed Practices

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Nova strives to provide the most beneficial and therapeutic experience possible to clients with a history of trauma. Our experience working with clients has shown us that the majority of people who deal with substance dependence also have a history of painful experiences that have become insurmountable and have directly contributed to their use and relapse. The footprint of trauma is devastating, whether it was a single incident or multiple incidences, and whether it happened recently or in the past.

Our skilled clinicians use a trauma informed lens from the start of treatment until the very end. We are adept at identifying markers for survivors of traumatic events and our trauma-aware treatment style allows clients to explore underlying issues without fear of shaming or lack of knowledge from staff. Our treatment team works together to blend our in-depth 12-step curriculum with clinical material, such as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). This helps us to recognize the presence of symptoms, acknowledge the role and impact of trauma in everyday life, and help clients become aware of interpersonal dynamics that need repair.

Our culture and philosophy for working with clients is built around creating an environment that nurtures this work. The core of our treatment team culture and philosophy is:

  • Physical and emotional safety
  • Trust and healthy boundaries
  • Having a voice and validating feelings
  • Partnership and promoting choice

We have components of our programing, such as The Daring Way™, that are designed to delve into the impacts that shame has on each client’s ability to cope, maintain relationships, and stay sober. That is why we included The Daring Way™ components in our Family Workshop, as well as work on family of origin issues, family dynamics, and repairing relationships. We also have EMDR trained staff to address more complex trauma in a more in-depth manner.

The treatment team at Nova understands the effects that traumatic experiences can have on clients’ relationships, worldview, and self-view and the coping styles they have adapted to deal with it. We help them learn where it came from, how to work through it, and how to move forward.

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