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Designer drugs are drugs that have been created to mimic the effects of illegal substances while still attempting to be sold legally. They are often made in homes or secret illegal labs. They can be made from plant substances or entirely synthetic chemicals that can be legally purchased in order to attempt to create a new “legal” substance.

Examples of designer drugs

New crops of designer drugs are hitting the streets all the time. As drug dealers attempt to stay one step ahead of authorities, they will change formulas rapidly hoping to be able to claim that their product is legal. Many dealers will market their product as incense, plant food, or even dietary supplements in order to avoid legal intervention. For example, Spice, which claims a marijuana-like effect, is marketed as incense, while bath salts which claim cocaine-like high were sold as plant food. Other drugs are sold in powder form and labeled “not for human consumption” and sold under the premise that they are for animals or to be used for study or research.


Designer drugs are dangerous because the combinations used to create them are untested and can cause unknown effects on the brain and a user’s health and behavior. Also, because the drugs are created so quickly with chemicals that are not meant for human consumption, there is little known about the long term health effects for users. In an unmonitored lab, it is likely that chemical errors can occur. Also, it is nearly impossible to know the potency or ingredients that are used in a designer drug. The amount of active ingredient can vary wildly from one dose to the next leaving users with no way to anticipate what the effects will be or if they are taking a dangerous dose. All of these factors lead to a high rate of accidental overdoses and deaths for users of these substances.

Designer drugs are dangerous substances made by in illegal labs by dealers who are hoping to sell a borderline legal product which mimics the effects of illegal substances. With no controls in place, no monitoring, and little known about the chemicals being used, users risk serious health issues including dangerous side effects, addiction and death. If you are using designer drugs or know someone who is click here to contact a professional that can lead you or a loved one to the help they need.