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A new stimulant is trending in Florida and across the nation. It’s called Flakka, and it has been the central component in a number of bizarre stories over the past few months.

What Is Flakka?

Flakka is a stimulant akin to cocaine and methamphetamine. Users report similar experiences to methamphetamine, with an increased sense of euphoria, intense concentration, and more energy. Sometimes called “gravel,” flakka is crystalline and it looks like little rocks. Users can inject, snort, or smoke it. It is also becoming extremely popular to vape flakka in common nicotine vaporizers. That makes it easy to hide and quick to enter the system!

The Comedown

Of course, the high of flakka has its lows. Much like methamphetamine, once users get the high there is a propensity to chase that high with more and more drug. Over hours to days of not sleeping, users can become aggressive or even begin to hallucinate and act irrationally. That explains the spate of naked flakka users doing anything from crossing the street to brandishing weapons atop a cabin in South Florida. And, as with any stimulant, the comedown can be brutal. When users have expended so much energy and used up naturally occurring brain chemicals, it is hard to get back to normal. Depression and listlessness can set in along with a strong desire to get more stimulants.

Same As It Ever Was

In the continuing effort to outwit the law, flakka has been legal up to this point. It is almost assured it will become illegal, but it’s ease of acquisition has helped fan the flames of flakka abuse. Even when it becomes illegal, there will still be other ways to find stimulants, and there will probably be a new designer drug on the streets in months.

The point is, it’s always good to be aware of the new drugs available on the streets and even in the stores. If you or someone you know is having problems with drug or alcohol addiction, please reach out for help!