5 Benefits of Outpatient Addiction Treatment for Executives

Last Updated on September 22, 2021

Many business executives don’t feel like they can leave their jobs behind to complete an addiction treatment program, even if their substance abuse has become unmanageable. Typically, when a person has many responsibilities at work, they may be more likely to put off getting treatment to ensure that their company succeeds.

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Fortunately, an outpatient addiction treatment program can provide flexible, discreet, and confidential rehab to help business executives maintain their careers and personal reputations.

What is outpatient addiction treatment?

An intensive outpatient program, also called IOP, is a structured addiction treatment program that includes several regularly scheduled group meetings with a counselor each week. With a customized treatment plan, each client also meets individually with a therapist regularly.

Additionally, an outpatient treatment program incorporates other forms of evidence-based treatment, including:

  • The 12-Step Program
  • Family counseling
  • Holistic therapies

Outpatient programs also help clients establish a relapse prevention plan and receive ongoing support from sober peers and treatment professionals. This continuing treatment and support can help business executives manage stress, and other life challenges to reduce their likelihood of relapse.

5 Benefits of Outpatient Addiction Treatment for Executives

For business professionals who need help overcoming a substance use disorder, outpatient treatment is often an excellent alternative to residential programs, which require clients to live at the rehab center for several weeks. Here are some of the primary benefits IOP offers executives.

1. Flexibility

Business executives usually have busy lives and can’t always take several weeks away from work to complete an addiction treatment program. Outpatient addiction treatment for executives offers a flexible alternative, giving professionals the ability to attend outpatient treatment sessions when it’s most convenient.

Ideally, an intensive outpatient program is best for someone with a stable home life and who does not have a severe long-term addiction. However, it may be a great fit for specific business professionals since it can be structured to meet a client’s individual needs.

2. Protection for personal and business reputation

Unfortunately, addiction stigma can lead people to make assumptions about people or situations that are simply untrue. Still, these assumptions have the potential to damage someone’s personal or professional reputation. As a result, business executives may not want the word to get out that they’re going to rehab.

Additionally, business professionals may worry about losing their jobs for going to treatment. However, some laws that protect people with addictions from being discriminated against in the workplace or fired due to their addiction(s). For example, the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) prevent discrimination against clients receiving substance abuse treatment and helps them keep their jobs.

3. Discreet addiction treatment

Going to a residential rehab program requires that clients uproot their lives and move to a facility where they live for several weeks. While this is necessary and beneficial in many cases, it might not be the best option for some business professionals. On the contrary, many executives likely want treatment to be as discreet and noninvasive as possible.

Outpatient addiction treatment for executives minimizes daily interruptions caused by a rehab program. As a result, clients can keep their careers and personal reputations intact as they continue with their regular day-to-day work routines as much as possible. 

4. Online program options

Online IOP can also make attending treatment easier for business professionals. IIt provides them with the ability to complete treatment anywhere, whether from their home, work office, or while traveling abroad. As a result, it’s less of an interruption, but they can still focus on their recovery and work closely with treatment professionals to get the care they need.

At Nova, online IOP uses evidence-based treatment methods like our in-person programs to provide the best treatment available with an individualized focus. Additionally, licensed professional counselors lead our online addiction treatment sessions, and group counseling sessions are fully interactive, not pre-recorded videos.

5. Confidentiality

Another great benefit of outpatient treatment for executives is that no one has to know a person is in rehab unless they tell others themselves. Drug and alcohol rehab is a medical treatment, so professionals and employees of a rehab center always treat client information confidentially. For example, a drug rehab center cannot release any information about someone’s treatment without explicit consent from the client.   

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If you’re a business professional, you don’t have to put your career on hold to get sober. Addiction is a disease that does not discriminate, and everyone who is affected deserves private access to adequate treatment. 

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Nova Recovery Center is dedicated to helping you or your loved one get help. Please call or fill out this form for a confidential consultation. One of our understanding, dedicated advisors will contact you about your options. Begin healing today.

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