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Overcoming obstacles to gender specific women treatment

Making the decision, to seek help from a drug and alcohol gender specific women treatment in Texas, can be a difficult decision to make. For a women, seeking a drug rehab in Texas, there could be a few obstacles. Providers offering gender specific women treatment, can assist with overcoming obstacles that may prevent you from entering a substance abuse treatment facility.


Some of the best women’s treatment centers in Texas, will tell you mothers seeking recovery from drug addiction, face difficulty around parenting roles. Caring for the children is a major obstacle for recovering mothers, looking to enter a 90 day gender specific women treatment in Texas. Addiction is a family disease. It can also be a family solution, utilizing family to assist with child care, is a logic and feasible solution.

In addition, our treatment center with a family program, will allow you the opportunity for you to visit and heal with your family. Most of the best family programs in Texas, will offer their family program monthly and family visitation weekly. This approach, is identicial  in a long-term treatment center environment.


Gender specific women treatment in Texas, also understand working women seeking alcohol and drug treatment in Texas, face an obstacle of losing their job. Seeking drug and alcohol rehab in Texas, does not mean you will lose you job. According to the US Department of Labor,

FMLA leave is available for treatment for substance abuse provided the conditions
described in the definition of “serious health condition” are met (see 29 CFR ยง 825.114(d) )

Speaking with your company’s human resource department, is the first step in applying for FMLA. Contacting one of Nova Recovery Center’s admissions specialists, can also assist you with applying for FMLA and admitting into a gender specific women treatment program.

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