Are Online Intensive Outpatient Programs Good for Addiction Treatment?

Last Updated on August 3, 2022

The pandemic has changed a lot. Its changes can be felt as far as addiction treatments too. With the rise of drug abuse and treatments for addictions, there has been a growing trend of online treatments for addictions.

Before we get into how online treatments work, let’s see why rehab as a process is important and why you should choose it if you seek recovery from drug abuse.

Location in Rehab is Important

When it comes to rehabilitation, some prefer recovery centers near their homes. This way they can feel safe during their recovery period and they also wouldn’t want to miss their loved ones. On the other hand, some people usually prefer it to be done in a secluded location with facilities similar to resorts. These locations provide privacy for the patients and they tend to feel more comfortable away from their hometowns.

Either way, it is up to the mindset of the individual and not the treatment alone that helps them. So, yes, the location of the rehab center plays an important role in recovery. In recent days, there is a growing need for online treatments that can be taken while a patient is comfortable in their homes.

Stay at Home & Still Work on Your Addiction

Online intensive outpatient programs (OIOP) are being provided by many recovery centers across the US. In these programs, you won’t have to worry about driving across the town every day, putting your education on hold, or even risking your employment by taking a long leave. You can recover from your addictions with a simple set of rules and commitments, from right where you are. Also, you get the same level of care and support you’d get from the centers as an inpatient.

This program is particularly useful for people who travel frequently, live in remote areas, or even if you feel uncomfortable visiting a recovery center in your neighborhood.

Online Intensive Outpatient Program

From Nova Recovery Center, we have developed our own OIOP to support our patients from anywhere they are. Our psychiatrists provide the personalized care you seek, via one-to-one video chat and assess your needs accordingly. With your cooperation and truthfulness, you can make a full recovery, without even getting out of your couch too. All you have to do is stick to the recovery schedule every day and check up on yourself.

Why Our IOP is Good

With our OIOP, you get a lot of benefits to make a full recovery fast. You can attend interactive group therapy sessions via video chats, and you can get individualized and comprehensive treatment from a licensed therapist. This will help you get into a sober support system by interacting regularly with treatment professionals and other sober people. Also, you can avoid face-to-face interactions with people and professionals during this pandemic period.

We start with a comprehensive assessment to determine your treatments and then guide you step by step, to set up and access your online drug rehabilitation group. You will be attending regular rehab sessions, with specific intervals for recuperation. In no time at all, you can start your regular life again.

Where Do I Turn For Help?

At Nova Recovery Center, we provide the best recovery program to combat your addictions. It trains you mentally, emotionally, and physically to stay out of substance abuse. We have many sober living homes and detox centers in Texas. Book an appointment today. If you feel that you need help with an addiction and want to learn more about outpatient drug rehab in Austin, Texas, please call Nova Recovery Center at (888) 427-4932 or contact us online today.

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