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Residential Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center

Addiction is a devastating, debilitating disease. Its fallout can be far-reaching and long lasting, with negative impacts on your life and the lives of everyone around you. NOVA Recovery Center, near Austin, TX, can help.

Overcoming your addiction to drugs or alcohol will likely be one of the greatest challenges you’ll ever face… but the reward of recovery is well worth the struggle. Addiction robs your life of peace, freedom, pride… and recovery is the only way you can reclaim it. Contacting Nova Recovery alcohol and drug addiction treatment center is the first step.

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Nova Recovery center

Nova Recovery Center’s campus is set amongst the sprawling hills of the beautiful Texas Hill Country. The beautiful landscape and healing program give clients a chance to revitalize and begin a life of sobriety.

Sober Living

Surrounding yourself with other people who are serious about recovery greatly increases your chances of long-term sobriety. Nova offers sober living options perfect for early recovery.

Other Nova Recovery Services

Programs To Match Your Needs

At NOVA Recovery Center, we understand the struggle you’re facing – and we are fully committed to helping you become balanced and successful in recovery. Our well-rounded, personalized drug and alcohol rehab program is designed to address your issues with substance abuse through a healing focus on mind, body, and spirit. With this three-pronged approach, we will help you find a new path, leading you to a happier, more fulfilling, and much more productive life.

Nova Residential Treatment

90 Days Residential Services

Nova’s 90 day program gives addicts and alcoholics more time to adjust to their new way of life, more time to work on the mental and spiritual tools they will use upon their transition to the outside world. It also provides more time to get to know how to live in a community of recovery, supporting others and being supported.

9 Months of Sober Living

Transitioning from rehab to independent life can be difficult. With continued support in sober living focusing on your mental health, chronic relapse resources, available life coaching and more, we will help you make the transition from residential treatment to an independent, substance-free life.

12 Months of Personal Monitoring

Extra support in early recovery is essential. During your first year, you will begin to stand on your own and reclaim responsibility for yourself and your actions – with the continued support of the NOVA Recovery staff and a new community of friends and loved ones devoted to supporting you in your continued personal journey.

Gender Specific Treatment

Alcohol and drug addiction issues are often complicated by relationships, codependency, and self-esteem issues related to opposite-sex interactions. Nova provides treatment options for clients who would benefit from removing these distractions by being grouped with only their own gender. Learn more . . .

Family Programming

Family plays an extremely important role in a client’s recovery. While your loved one is here, you will be involved in the process. Family counseling, personalized care, and an interactive update process will keep you informed and help you move forward. Learn more . . .

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