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What is the Best Way to Get Sober?

what-is-best-way-get-soberIf you’re open to it, you may want to explore other treatment options outside of your immediate location. Some people find that getting a fresh start someplace new can be highly motivating.

If you’re ready to start treatment now, Nova Recovery Center offers individualized, comprehensive programs for drug and alcohol addiction. Call (512) 605-2955 to learn more about your treatment options today. (more…)

5 Types of People in Recovery

5 Types of People in Recovery

Have you ever thought to yourself, “What is recovery?” Is it simply abstaining from drugs and alcohol or is it something more? Many people would argue the latter. In fact, one study found that most people who self-identify as being “in recovery” define it as a continuous process that never ends.1 Instead of pinpointing it as a single event on a timeline, most people view their recovery as a physical, mental, and spiritual process that affects all aspects of life and changes the way they live as a whole. (more…)

Choosing Life

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Matt A. spend his childhood in Plano, Texas with his two parents, an older sister, and a dog. Overall, things were nice. Although life was pretty uneventful on Matt’s end of the culdesac, his mom struggled with alcoholism and mental illness. His parents fought a lot, but somehow, the dysfunction remained contained behind an image of picture-perfect suburbia. It wasn’t until Matt was about eight-years-old that the dysfunction and chaos finally broke free. (more…)

7 Helpful Tips for Moving On After Sober Living

Hi there, thanks for joining me. This podcast is all about sharing positive advice and wisdom for daily life in recovery. In this episode, I’m going to share 7 helpful tips for moving on after you complete a sober living program.

A sober living home is a safe and protective haven after rehab and the transition back home can sometimes be difficult, especially if you lack a strong recovery support system. Whether you’re moving back home with family or you’re relocating to a new place for a fresh start, here are a few helpful tips to help you move on after completing a sober living program. (more…)

[IDEAS Series] Q&A with Nick Tolar, Director of Operations at Eudaimonia Recovery Homes

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Nick Tolar is the Director of Operations at Eudaimonia Recovery Homes, the sister company of Nova Recovery Center. He oversees the general operations of our sober living homes in Austin by ensuring that all residents are held accountable and are given the tools they need to succeed in recovery.

As a person who is in recovery himself, Nick understands firsthand the positive impact that a sober living program can have on someone’s life and he works hard to continually be a good example for Eudaimonia sober living residents. This week, we chatted with Nick about some of the aspects of his job and our sober living program and he happily shared some helpful insight.

As someone in recovery, what kind of impact did a sober living program have on you?

Answer: “Being in sober living created the self-sufficiency, determination, and “adulting” that was needed to become an independent man in life. It created an environment and brotherhood that I needed to be able to connect with other people who were sober too. I didn’t connect well with people back then. The sober living home was tons of fun for me. The rules were the same as normal life rules once the decision was made to stop using.”

Nick Tolar

Fun facts about Nick:

  • In another life, I’m pretty sure I was a Viking or a saint.
  • If I could invent a holiday, it would definitely involve music and driving.
  • Saved By the Bell was my all-time favorite TV show when growing up. (Don’t judge me.)
  • If I were a superhero, my superpower would be flying or super strength.
Why should someone pick Eudaimonia among all the other options for sober living homes and halfway houses?

“We offer an environment that encourages long-term sobriety for those that want to stay sober. We know that there are a lot of walks of life and ways to live it as well, which allows us to be open-minded to growing with our economy and our residents. We all are here to help someone get to the next chapter in their life sober and continue to be sober.”

You work very closely with Eudaimonia residents in Austin. Generally speaking, in what ways do you see them change and grow during their time in sober living?

“Watching the residents go from nervous and excited to confused and scared, then come to a middle ground in life is great to watch. Seeing someone struggle with a life choice and then use the 12 step principles to find the answer that they were looking for…AMAZING!!!!!”

What do you think are some of the biggest challenges after rehab and how does sober living help?

“Finding a job – We provide accountability with a three-times-weekly class to help.

Paying Bills – We sit down with residents and help them budget their money.

Continuing step work – We hold each resident accountable to working with a sponsor or give them a nightly review group to be a part of.

Wanting to stay sober and finding things fun to do – We host social events and provide a fun atmosphere. We connect individuals to hang out.”

Eudaimonia hosts social events and activities for residents pretty regularly. What has been your favorite event thus far and why?

“The best event was on Thanksgiving. Eudaimonia provided some of the food, but the residents wanted to pull together and make it a meal to remember with their fellow peers and they did it BIG. They had multiple turkeys cooked different ways, sides that extended out the door, and desserts that I couldn’t even imagine being made any better. We had more than 60 to 70 residents come in throughout the day, hang out, and meet others they didn’t know while eating an amazing meal! The fellowship was great to see!”

If you’d like to learn more about the staff and recovery support services at Eudaimonia Recovery Homes, please call (512) 605-2955 today to speak to an admissions representative.

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