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8 Daily Relapse Prevention Tips

8 Daily Relapse Prevention Tips 8 Daily Relapse Prevention Tips

Hi there, thanks for joining me. This podcast is all about sharing positive advice and wisdom for daily life in recovery. In this episode, I’m going to provide 8 daily relapse prevention tips.

If you are in recovery, you’re most likely fully aware that every day can be a challenge. Although your days in detox and rehab are over and you’re not actively abusing drugs and alcohol anymore, day-to-day life can still be filled with triggers, stressful occurrences, and cravings.
You’re not alone in this struggle and many other people are also be facing similar challenges each day.

Relapse is a very real risk so implementing these daily relapse prevention tips and strategies is a great way to maintain your sobriety. Most people are often more successful at maintaining long-term sobriety with the help of a support system and ongoing recovery services. In addition to those services, here are eight relapse prevention tips. Keep these things in mind each day and use them to address any warning signs of relapse.

Tip #1. Know the signs of emotional and mental relapse.
Tip #2. Be aware of how you’re feeling, emotionally and physically.
Tip #3. Fill your free time.
Tip #4. Resist the urge to skip support group meetings.
Tip #5. Carry your emergency contact list with you wherever you go.
Tip #6. Always have a backup plan.
Tip #7. Take care of yourself first.
Tip #8. Invest your time in building healthy relationships instead of lingering on old, unhealthy ones.

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