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The Invisible Dangers of Fentanyl-Laced Drugs: Meth

The Invisible Dangers of Fentanyl-Laced Drugs: Meth Man mixing unknown chemicals into beakers.

The rate of accidental, often fatal overdoses involving fentanyl-laced street drugs has increased significantly in recent years with stimulants such as methamphetamine accounting for the large majority of new cases being reported. Each drug has long been considered extremely addictive and deadly in its own right; however, a random sampling study of meth seized by […]

Richard’s Story: Finding True Happiness

Richard’s Story: Finding True Happiness stories addiction recovery

  Richard King’s childhood in Southern California was idealistic and happy. He had very loving and supportive parents and grandparents, he never needed or wanted for anything, and he had a great relationship with his sister. He spent his days playing without a care in the world and he was generally very content. It wasn’t […]

Sober at 20

Sober at 20 stories addiction recovery

  Gabe grew up in McKinney, Texas and was raised in a very conservative home. He was homeschooled up until high school and always felt like he was at odds with the beliefs and ideas he was taught at home. He and his mother also had a strained relationship and he sensed a power struggle […]

Meth is Back: The American Meth Crisis No One is Talking About

Meth is Back: The American Meth Crisis No One is Talking About history of meth timeline

With the worsening opioid crisis in the U.S., opioid drugs have taken center stage, but what about the growing U.S. meth problem? Methamphetamine addiction and abuse are back with a vengeance, but few people are talking about the consequences as opioid overdose deaths continue to overshadow the damage being done by meth.

The Journey to Self-Discovery

The Journey to Self-Discovery stories addiction recovery

Hannah Miles never really felt comfortable in her own skin. She always felt the need to stay busy or do something, out of fear that she’d be alone with herself and her thoughts. Even at home, Hannah always felt different than everyone else, especially her family. She felt like an outcast but wasn’t quite sure […]

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