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What Are The Benefits of Long-Term Residential Care?

benefits of long term of residential treatment

If you want to overcome addiction and are contemplating what type of treatment can give you the optimal chance for an effective and lasting recovery, experts say that long-term residential drug rehab is the best choice. That’s based on statistics, not guesswork.

The American Society of Addiction Medicine says addiction is a “primary, chronic disease of brain reward, memory, motivation, and related circuitry.”1 Characterized by an inability to abstain from alcohol and/or drugs, addiction also results in behavioral control impairment, cravings, inability to recognize problems with work, school, and interpersonal relationships, and significantly diminished emotional response. (more…)

Breaking the Cycle of Chronic Relapse with Long-Term Rehab

Let’s pretend for a moment that you’re an alcoholic. Your wife left you and took the kids with her, your family members don’t really talk to you or associate with you anymore, and your only friends are the bottles of liquor that you keep in your kitchen cabinets.

break cycle of addiction

One day you decided you were tired of being depressed and living a life that you hated so you picked up the phone and enrolled in an alcohol detox program. (more…)

Full Surrender

Adam Tucker’s story of addiction starts in the quiet lake community of Frederick, Maryland, just an hour west of Baltimore. Born in Washington D.C. to two loving parents, Adam describes his upbringing as relatively peaceful and enjoyable. “I never experienced any trauma; there was never any abuse,” he says. “I was a pretty privileged kid growing up. In fact, I was almost a little too privileged.” (more…)

How Do I Get a Loved One to Residential Treatment?

It isn’t always easy to get a loved one to residential treatment1 when he or she needs it. In addition to strong resistance on the part of your loved one, there are practical considerations to contend with. These include choosing the best treatment facility (drug rehab center or alcohol treatment center2) to meet your loved one’s needs, figuring out how to pay for the treatment at the residential treatment center, helping your loved one make plans to handle his or her absence from work and other obligations during the time he or she is away at treatment for addiction3, and so much more. The process can be exhausting and emotionally draining.  (more…)

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