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7 Natural Ways to Manage Chronic Pain in Recovery

Hi there, thanks for joining me. This podcast is all about sharing positive advice and wisdom for daily life in recovery. In this episode, I’m going to provide 7 natural ways to manage chronic pain in recovery.

Often when we go to the doctor, the first option for pain relief is medication. However, this may not be the best option if you are recovering from severe addiction and the benefits of using opioids for pain relief may not outweigh the risks. (more…)

Alternative Therapies for Addiction & How They Can Help

recovering addicts exercising

Drug or alcohol addiction is a disease that changes the way your brain functions over time, causing intense cravings for drugs or alcohol that only more of that substance can seem to satisfy. Alteration of the brain’s chemistry may be one of the first physical changes that result from addiction, but it is usually not the only one. Addiction can affect a person’s long- and short-term health. (more…)

Exercise for Addiction Recovery

people running in the woods

Exercise is an important component of addiction recovery. Its benefits are far-reaching and significantly helpful in a number of ways, including helping to improve your mood, combat cravings, reduce stress and heal mind, body and spirit.

Addiction takes a major toll on your physical, mental and spiritual health. An addiction treatment program focuses on restoring these aspects of your health and helping you make important lifestyle changes that promote a life in recovery. (more…)

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