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Are You Enabling a Loved One’s Addiction?

When a loved one is struggling with addiction1, everyone in the family suffers as well. There’s no escaping the effects of addiction, yet too many family members engage in behavior that allows the addict to avoid facing the consequences for his or her actions, taking on responsibilities that alleviate the need for the addict to do so, and other counter-productive actions. This type of behavior is known as enabling. (more…)

The Enabling Cycle: When Helping isn’t Helping

Drug addiction does not discriminate, it doesn’t care if your rich or poor, famous or unknown, a man or woman, it doesn’t care what race or age you are. Many people can relate first hand to the effects of the drug epidemic in America, and parents are crying out with pleas of help. Everyone connected to the person abusing drugs can and will get hurt, husbands, wives, boyfriends and girlfriends, babies, other family members and friends. Drug addiction doesn’t only hurt the user, but everyone else connected to him or her also. Substance abuse and addiction is a very serious problem for many people. (more…)

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