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How to Use Your HSA to Pay for Drug Rehab

health savings accountIn 2017, an estimated 20.7 million people needed treatment for a substance use disorder but only 4 million people received treatment (about 19% of those who needed it).1 One of the most common reasons people don’t receive treatment is a lack of financial ability. Fortunately, several different options can relieve the burden of paying for drug rehab and help you pay for treatment if you need it. For some people, a health savings account (HSA) may be an excellent option. (more…)

How to Pay for Immediate Drug Rehab With and Without Insurance

Paying for drug and alcohol rehab may seem daunting at first, but you shouldn’t let that keep you from getting the help you need. At Nova Recovery Center, we strive to make our addiction treatment as affordable as possible. On the same note, we also realize that every client’s circumstances are different. For this reason, we provide our clients with a wide range of payment options so that money doesn’t have to be a barrier to obtaining high-quality treatment. (more…)

The Effects of Workplace Substance Abuse

man abusing drugs in the office

Have you ever shown up to work high or hungover from drinking the night before? How well did you perform that day? Many employees suffer and struggle to perform to their full potential due to the effects of substance abuse. Employees with substance abuse issues are less productive, use more sick days, are more likely to injure themselves or file workman’s compensation claims. They’re also more likely to perceive their jobs negatively, to have problems with supervisors, and to make mistakes. It’s a problem for the company and for millions of people. (more…)

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