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The Sobering Reality of Alcohol Addiction & Alcohol Rehab

In the past decade, recovery Austin Texas programs have seen an increase in the amount of admissions to their facilities. In the United States alone, alcohol is the most commonly used addictive substance. There are more than 136 million drinkers, with nearly one quarter of them (approximately 60 million people) engaging in risky binge-drinking patterns such as having five drinks or more on one occasion, which often lead to alcohol dependency or addiction. (more…)

Drugged Driving

The number of automobile accidents and fatalities caused by drugged driving is on the rise. Most everyone is familiar with the seriousness of drunk driving, but few people are aware that drugged driving is causing an alarming number of accidents every year. Using any mind altering substance, from illegal drugs to prescription medications, and driving creates a hazard for the driver, his or her passengers, and all others who share the road. (more…)

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