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Drug Rehab in Austin: The Untold Cost of Heroin Addiction

The Cost of Heroin Addiction

The unspoken amount of cost of heroin addiction is rarely spoken about. The drug epidemic gripping the nation and has devastating effects on our younger generation. Heroin is a highly addictive opioid that tears families apart, destroys stability, steals innocence, happiness and any sense of safety in the family. The disease of heroin addiction doesn’t care about race, color, or size, it doesn’t care what neighborhood you live in or where you work, it can effect anyone. Instead of getting the love, care, and attention children need to grow, they’re becoming secondary to heroin. Heroin replaces your morals with corruption, lies, and stealing. It doesn’t take long for the average American to become hooked on heroin. Within weeks a person can change and do whatever it takes to get the drug. The endless quest to get the next high, and we say “endless” unless a proper intervention and heroin addiction treatment takes place, as there may be little hope. The enormous toll is breathtaking. (more…)

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