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International Day Against Drug Abuse: What You Should Know

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The use and illicit trafficking of illicit drugs cause major problems all over the globe. Lives are cut short by preventable accidents, sickness, and disease. Innocent people are killed or harmed in an effort to continually distribute illicit and addictive substances, and corruption continues to enable organized crime all around the world.

Whether we believe that an international society free of drug abuse is possible, a global effort must be made to achieve any such goal, as 230 million people are using illicit drugs worldwide.1 Preventing global drug abuse is the primary purpose behind the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. (more…)

How Social Media Contributes to Drug Abuse

Updated on June 25th, 2020
How Social Media Contributes to Drug Abuse

Social media today plays a huge role in the ongoing drug abuse crisis in America. Although social apps and websites are marketed as a safe, fun, online place to interact with friends and family (and they definitely can be), some people also abuse them to share drug-related propaganda or to sell illegal substances. (more…)

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