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How to Get Sober Without Rehab

Updated on July 8th, 2020

man reading guide on rehab

Many addicted people are searching for an easy solution and a quick way to get sober. There are plenty of at-home and online programs that offer “How to Get Sober” guides, but are they really effective for long-term sobriety?

If getting sober without rehab is your intention, there’s nothing that says it’s impossible, but long-term treatment at a 90-day rehab program can provide many benefits that will help you get sober and stay that way. (more…)

Double Down: Dual Diagnosis of Depression and Addiction

A dual diagnosis is made when an individual has a combination of a mental disorder like anxiety, depression, or bipolar disorder, and addiction. A dual diagnosis of addiction with a depressive disorder is the most common form of the problem. The symptoms of one disorder can feed into the other disorder making it worse; depression may lead to using alcohol or other substances to self-medicate and then lead to addiction. (more…)

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