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Choosing Life

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Matt A. spend his childhood in Plano, Texas with his two parents, an older sister, and a dog. Overall, things were nice. Although life was pretty uneventful on Matt’s end of the culdesac, his mom struggled with alcoholism and mental illness. His parents fought a lot, but somehow, the dysfunction remained contained behind an image of picture-perfect suburbia. It wasn’t until Matt was about eight-years-old that the dysfunction and chaos finally broke free. (more…)

How Long is Drug Rehab?

inpatient rehab sessionThe decision to go to rehab is an important one and it requires a lot of thought and consideration. Along with considering the cost of rehab and the location, one of many factors most people consider when choosing a rehab program is the duration of treatment. So, how long is drug rehab? (more…)

What Are The Benefits of Long-Term Residential Care?

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If you want to overcome addiction and are contemplating what type of treatment can give you the optimal chance for an effective and lasting recovery, experts say that long-term residential drug rehab is the best choice. That’s based on statistics, not guesswork.

The American Society of Addiction Medicine says addiction is a “primary, chronic disease of brain reward, memory, motivation, and related circuitry.”1 Characterized by an inability to abstain from alcohol and/or drugs, addiction also results in behavioral control impairment, cravings, inability to recognize problems with work, school, and interpersonal relationships, and significantly diminished emotional response. (more…)

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