Staying Sober at SXSW

Last Updated on February 9, 2021

3 Tips to staying sober at SXSW

1.Taking it slow.

While you want to get back in the social swing of things, one poor decision can undermine the hard work and determination you put into getting sober. Whether you’re a newcomer or have years of sobriety, the best rule of thumb in staying sober during concerts is simply not going if you are uncomfortable.

2. Going with supportive friends

Going with a group of supportive friends or those in recovery is arguably the best insurance policy you can have while attending SXSW. These people can provide support and positive encouragement when you may feel anxious.

3. Hitting A Meeting

Another excellent tip to staying sober at SXSW is to attend the 12step meeting there. Plan on attending an extra meeting before and/or after a concert, and if you are working with a sponsor be sure to call them right after the event if possible.

If you are truly ready to rock sober, keep these tips in mind and plan ahead.

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