Holiday Gift Ideas for Someone in Recovery

Last Updated on September 27, 2021

Holiday Gift Ideas for Someone in Recovery

Searching for holiday gift ideas for a friend or loved one in recovery? Here are 15 great gift ideas that are sure to please.

1. Experiences


If your loved one recently got out of rehab and is searching for new sober hobbies or activities to fill their spare time, they might appreciate the gift of a new experience. Some ideas could be a month of dance classes, a season pass to the orchestra, or a ticket to a cool museum. If he or she is a thrill-seeker, you might also consider providing a more thrilling adventure, such as skydiving or spelunking if you are able.

2. Fill a need.

fill a need

Adjusting to life after rehab is not only physically and emotionally challenging, but sometimes it can also be a financial challenge. Offering to pay a friend’s electricity bill, buying them a week’s worth of meals from Hello Fresh, or replacing a favorite item that they recently misplaced are all great ways to provide a much-needed gift during the holiday season.

3. Books


Oftentimes, people in recovery are excited to read about others’ experiences with addiction and recovery. Personal memoirs or recovery-related books are great gifts that can help a person learn, grow, and prioritize their sobriety. You may also want to ask your loved one’s addiction counselor or treatment provider for book recommendations before buying.

4. Childcare


Making it to all those counseling appointments, support group meetings, and IOP sessions can be difficult if you have young children to care for. Give your loved one the gift of childcare by offering to meet them at the location of their meeting and babysit for them there while they take care of business.

5. A DIY Kit

diy kit

DIY kits are fun gifts that can encourage a newly sober person to try something new. There are plenty of options for purchasing these online and the one you choose should largely depend on your loved one’s interests. A few ideas include a herb-growing kit, DIY terrarium kit, DIY sushi kit, DIY macaroon kit, or even a DIY synth kit for the technologically savvy.

6. Self-Care Subscription Box

self-care subscription blox

Self-care subscription boxes are all the rage right now. They are small boxes filled with wellness items specifically picked by therapists or self-care experts to help people reduce stress and relax. They often include items like books, chocolates, soap, candles or tea. You can order a monthly subscription from the company of your choice or you can also create your own self-care box for a friend or loved one.

7. Sobrie-tea Box

sobrie-tea box

If homemade gifts are more your style, this is a great idea for a sober loved one who likes to drink tea. Simply use any container and fill it with a wide selection of wonderful teas you think your loved one will enjoy. You can even include a special teacup, mug, tea infuser, or other accessories to take their tea-drinking experience to the next level.

8. A Fitbit


Many people who overcome addiction find that exercise is a great way to spend their free time. It’s also a great distraction when strong cravings for alcohol or drugs hit. If your sober loved one is a fitness fanatic or wants to prioritize their physical health, a Fitbit is a great gift that can encourage them to meet their personal fitness goals.

9. Spa Day

spa day

A spa day is a great way to help a friend kick back and relax, especially after a stressful week. Pamper your loved one with a manicure, facial, massage, or better yet—go with them to the spa and spend a day catching up while the two of you relax together.

10. Wellness Journal

wellness journal

A wellness journal is a great gift for anyone in recovery. Journaling provides many therapeutic benefits but it’s also a great way to log current thoughts, events, and emotions and look back later to see a clear map of progress. Someone who is currently in treatment might also be required to keep a journal for clinical purposes, so this gift is a helpful and useful tool.

11. A T-Shirt from Sober is Sexy


A sober friend with an edgy sense of humor might appreciate a t-shirt, tank top, or hat from Sober is Sexy. A few sober celebrities including Demi Lovato and Russel Brand have been spotted wearing this clothing line and t-shirts sporting messages like “Straight Outta Rehab” and “Highly Meditated” might resonate perfectly with your loved one.

12. Coffee Subscription or $5 Gift Card

coffee subscription

Coffee is a personal favorite of many people (sober or not) so it’s always a huge blessing when someone gifts you with free coffee! Consider buying your loved one a monthly coffee subscription of their favorite beans or give them a $5 gift card so they can enjoy a cup of joe on you.

13. Meditation Beads

meditation beads

A string of meditation beads can also be called a Mala. This string of 108 beads is a tool that can help you focus on meditation by turning each bead between the middle finger and thumb while repeating a personal mantra. Many people in recovery practice daily meditation, but it can be difficult at first. Meditation beads may help your loved one calm their busy mind and focus on meditation until it becomes a regular part of their daily routine.

14. A Special Night In

special night in

Time together can be hard to come by, so plan a special night for your loved one in recovery and use it as an opportunity to cook them their favorite meal, watch their favorite movies, and spend time together. If your loved one normally works evening shifts, plan a special morning with breakfast in bed instead.

15. A Letter from You

letter from you

If you’ve never told your sober loved one how you feel about them, a heartfelt letter is one of the best gifts you can give. Maybe you never got the chance to tell them how proud you are of their progress, or maybe you just want to tell them that you’re there if they ever need you. Put your feelings into words on paper and give them a gift they will cherish for a lifetime.

When it comes down to it, buying a holiday gift for someone in recovery is more about who they are as a person and less about their struggle with addiction. Recovery doesn’t define a person, it’s just a part of who they are. If you have doubts about what to get someone, opt for grabbing a cup of coffee and spending time with them instead. Time with friends and loved ones is always appreciated.

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