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The Journey to Self-Discovery

The Journey to Self-Discovery stories addiction recovery

Hannah Miles never really felt comfortable in her own skin. She always felt the need to stay busy or do something, out of fear that she’d be alone with herself and her thoughts. Even at home, Hannah always felt different than everyone else, especially her family. She felt like an outcast but wasn’t quite sure […]

Fighting a Mental War

Fighting a Mental War stories addiction recovery

Jeffery Meadows was born in Charleston, West Virginia, but his family moved to Houston when he was three. They lived in what Jeffery describes as an “aggressive neighborhood” where theft and violence was the norm. His mother, a hard-working single mom of three, was a nurse and worked tirelessly to provide the best life she […]

From Abandonment and Shame to Hope and Acceptance

From Abandonment and Shame to Hope and Acceptance Stories Of Addiction Recovery

James Frazer struggled with feelings of abandonment, low self-esteem, and social rejection early in life. In his mind, everyone else had it better than he did, and his lot in life was just never going to be as good as everyone else’s. His parents divorced at a very young age and his mother sent him […]

Becoming the Father He Was Meant to Be

Becoming the Father He Was Meant to Be stories addiction recovery

From an outsider’s perspective, Shane Rollins was a great father, a seriously talented professional arm wrestler, and one of the toughest guys out there. But on the inside, his addiction was tearing him apart, his marriage was in shambles, and his tough outer appearance was just a cover for the broken man he had become.

Set Free from the Bondage of Addiction

Set Free from the Bondage of Addiction stories addiction recovery

Al Lesem’s upbringing in Houston, Texas was difficult. His mother passed away when he was just six years old and his father remarried several times after that. Although his father cared for him and had a great job as a psychiatrist, Al had no structure or guidance as a child. “My childhood was very stressful,” […]

Full Surrender

Full Surrender stories addiction recovery

Adam Tucker’s story of addiction starts in the quiet lake community of Frederick, Maryland, just an hour west of Baltimore. Born in Washington D.C. to two loving parents, Adam describes his upbringing as relatively peaceful and enjoyable. “I never experienced any trauma; there was never any abuse,” he says. “I was a pretty privileged kid […]

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