How Digital Detox Helps in Recovery from Addiction

Last Updated on July 8, 2022

Addiction could be caused by a number of factors like personal trauma, physical problems, low self-esteem, depression, and many more. If you or anyone you know is recovering from addiction, it is important to know about digital detox. 

With the internet and digital social media becoming the norm in the 21st century, it is a new method to cope with the urges to consume alcohol, opioids, and other high-stress situations.

What is Digital Detox?

Digital detox as the name suggests is the practice of removing yourself from digital media and screens for a specific period of time. In today’s fast-paced world, an event, an update, or a notification happens at each and every moment. 

Every time, when the event is good or beneficial to us, or if somebody appreciates us, likes our posts, or anything on social media, we feel happy about it. This happiness is caused by the secretion of dopamine which makes us feel good. 

When we are constantly bombarded with digital signals and notifications about one or the other, our brain receives a constant dose of dopamine. Although dopamine is a good chemical that makes us feel good, an overdose of dopamine leads to an overall numbing of our senses. 

In other words, we don’t feel happy and satisfied easily as our systems are already flooded with dopamine. However, when the flow of dopamine is reduced or stopped, we start to enjoy small things in life.

Why Digital Detox is Important

When you engage in digital detox, you switch off the phones, laptops, computers, and all forms of digital screens, your body doesn’t secrete dopamine easily. This rids the system of the chemical. 

So after 24 to 48 hours, your system will be free from dopamine. So, you won’t feel super excited about small things. Similarly, you won’t feel bad for small setbacks. This puts you back into a state of emotional stability. 
When you are emotionally stable, you can observe your thoughts, and actions and respond as per the need. When you don’t have to stay in front of a screen, you will be more than happy to go for a walk or a run. This helps you to concentrate on your fitness, which helps in your recovery.

How it Helps in Addiction Treatment

Digital detox helps and contributes to your sober life too. If you are constantly bombarded with images and messages about alcohol, drugs, or the environment in which you have already used drugs, it could tempt you to go back to substance abuse. 

Also, you will feel happy about the real things that you have in life. You will neither be overwhelmed nor underwhelmed at the reality of things. So, you can safely work on your sober life.

How Often Should You do Digital Detox

At Nova Recovery Center, we provide a wonderful environment for your recovery from alcoholism and drug abuse. A digital detox can be safely done by anyone, including recovering addicts. 

It can be done once every week for 24 to 36 hours. In fact, you can choose to go on a digital detox for 2 days at a stretch.

Where Do I Turn For Help?

At Nova Recovery Center, we provide the best cognitive behavioral therapy to combat your addictions. It trains you mentally, emotionally, and physically to stay out of substance abuse. We have many sober living homes and detox centers in Texas. Book an appointment today. If you feel that you need help with an addiction and want to learn more about outpatient drug rehab in Austin, Texas, please call Nova Recovery Center at (888) 427-4932 or contact us online today.

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