Christian Quarles

Recovery Specialist

Christian has been with the Nova company since October of 2017. Christian’s favorite group to facilitate is Big Book. He enjoys presenting step 3 and the subject of surrender and step one as it has many dynamics and subjects within powerlessness. Also, he stated that he enjoyed discussions around sponsorship.

Christian has a wife and a 4-year-old son with whom he loves and adores. He stated his biggest issue with his son currently is arguing and interrupting, par for the course with a 4-year-old. Being a father is his biggest passion as he wants to show up 100%.

Outside of work Christian likes playing video games, particularly the games Valheim and Call of Duty, however, the video game he can always return to is World of Warcraft. He claims he used to be a console player but has switched to PC as he has gotten a new computer.

When asked “what guidance would you give to someone who is seeking treatment?” Christian stated, “Be willing to do whatever it takes. If you follow suggestions this deal will work for you”.

Email Me: christian.quarles@novarecoverycenter.com

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