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A Full Continuum of Care for A Long-Term Sobriety

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A New Step in Addiction Treatment

Many treatment programs result in chronic relapse. Clients fall into a frustrating cycle of treatment, relapse, repeat, without hope of relief. But why?

They don’t prepare you for life’s challenges. They don’t provide you with the support you need. They don’t offer the right programs.

We have seen too many programs fail and settle for stale, ineffective techniques. We revolutionized the treatment industry with an affordable, 15-month continuum of care that bridges the gap between treatment and life. Our Texas inpatient drug rehab center carries you through residential and outpatient treatment and into the world with ongoing support that lasts well after treatment ends.

A Full Continuum of Care

Residential Inpatient

Our 90-day residential program allows you to heal every aspect of your body through regular therapy sessions, physical activities, and meditation.
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Intensive Outpatient

Our intensive outpatient program bridges the gap between residential treatment and regular life through ongoing care that teaches you how to live a sober life.
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Supportive Outpatient

Our supportive outpatient program brings life to your goals through teaching you relapse prevention techniques and providing you with employment support.
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Continuum of Care

Our 15-month continuum of care walks you through your recovery journey, starting with residential treatment and ending with your transition back into society.
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Our aftercare program provides alumni with the chance to meet in a group setting to discuss the challenges and accomplishments they face on a regular basis.
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Sober Living

Our sober living facility offers you a comfortable, secure place to reside while you learn how to live in sobriety—teaching you responsibility, life skills, and healthy routines.
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Personal Monitoring

Our personal monitoring program provides you with a sober coach who will assist you in avoiding relapse triggers and help you define and achieve your sobriety goals.
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