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Our inpatient rehab in Austin, Texas is a 90-day program that provides residential treatment in a licensed facility. The modalities of treatment centers vary but ours utilizes behavioral therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, art and music groups, 12-step programming, traditional care, and relapse prevention.1 We also provide aftercare options such a supportive outpatient treatment, aftercare, personal monitoring and sober living.

Why Choose Inpatient Rehab in Austin, Texas?

Studies have shown that while shorter programs (30-60 days in length or less) can be effective for some, they are not long enough to truly resolve substance abuse problems for many severe, or heavily addicted users.

Our inpatient rehab in Austin, Texas combines treatment modalities with a 12-step program to create a residential inpatient curriculum built to meet all addiction needs. This strategy allows for clients to experience and overcome various stressors of life in a safe, therapeutic setting before starting their new life of recovery.

Long-Term Treatment vs. Short-Term Treatment

Today long-term treatment is considered to be one of the contributing principles that determine whether treatment is effective. Many people who struggle with long-term substance abuse need 90 days or more in a rehab facility to achieve the best results.2Spending this amount of time in treatment will significantly reduce or stop their drug use.

For those who are already on the path to recovery and who are looking for support after intensive care, short-term treatment, or outpatient treatment programs, are a viable option. Within these programs, the patient does not stay within the facility but meets a couple times a week in a safe and comfortable setting. The program allows for accountability in sobriety and helps the patient re-discover social skills and learn how to live within their new sober lives.

Choose Your Treatment Options Today

For the many people who are addicted, choosing the ‘right’ rehab can be a life or death situation. It is important to find a program with the highest level of care that allows the client to be in a drug-free environment for the longest period. Our inpatient rehab in Austin, Texas provides one of the ‘safest bets.’ If you have a loved one that is willing to receive rehabilitation for their substance abuse problem, the best decision you can make is to call a long-term drug and alcohol rehab program that delivers treatment and gets results.


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