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Family Behavior Therapy

Engaging Family Members in the the Healing Process

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What Is Family Behavior Therapy?

Family behavior therapy (FBT) is a comprehensive evidence-based behavioral therapy that is effective in treating substance abuse and other co-occurring problems, such as family conflict, depression, and unemployment.

Addiction takes a toll on the entire family, not just the substance abuser, and some members of the family may end up taking on unhealthy roles, such as an enabler, to cope. Family therapy provides a time for family members to ask address these roles, ask questions, discuss issues, and begin the healing process.

The main goals of family behavior therapy are to:

  • Reduce the harm of addiction on both the substance user and the family
  • Improve the home environment in a way that promotes long-term abstinence from drugs and alcohol

The definition of “family” is constantly changing, therefore family behavior therapy will look slightly different in every case. At Nova Recovery Center, family behavioral therapy is used in conjunction with contingency management to improve a client’s opportunity of achieving long-term sobriety.

Benefits of Family Behavior Therapy

  • Repairs damaged relationships
  • Helps family members develop healthy coping skills
  • Helps clients develop an awareness of family dynamics
  • Teaches parents, spouses, and siblings how to develop self-care practices
  • Helps rebuild trust within the family unit
  • Aids in setting healthy boundaries

How Family Behavior Therapy Is Used in Addiction Treatment

Family behavior therapy is offered to all clients at Nova but not everyone chooses to participate. FBT typically involves the client and at least one significant other, such as a cohabitating partner or a parent. Clinical counselors engage families in applying the behavioral strategies taught in sessions and in acquiring new skills that will improve the home environment. Sessions also include discussions about family roles, communication, and healthy ways to interact with one another.

Clients are also encouraged to develop behavioral goals for preventing substance use, which is anchored to a contingency management system. Family members and parents are prompted to set goals related to effective parenting behaviors. These goals are reviewed in each session, with rewards provided by significant others when they are accomplished.

At Nova, we also provide a Family Program for clients and their loved ones. This three-day intensive experience combines a variety of therapeutic tools, methods, and models that are designed to promote healing among all family members. These tools include:

  • Therapy groups
  • Educational lectures
  • Experiential work
  • Deeply moving family encounters

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