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Nova’s Addiction Monitoring Program is a curriculum-driven program that allows you to partner with a sober coach to pursue your recovery goals. You sober coach (also called a program coordinator) will provide consistent support, encouragement, and guidance as he or she works with you to develop a plan that will help you achieve your recovery goals. The primary goals of our Addiction Monitoring Program are to:
  • Maintain accountability
  • Set and achieve recovery goals
  • Gain essential life skills that will help you avoid relapse triggers and harmful behaviors
Upon enrollment, an appropriate contact frequency between yourself, your sober coach, and other individuals within the recovery circle will be established. This recovery circle is typically comprised of family members, friends, and a sponsor. In addition to working with those in the recovery circle, your sober coach will meet with you on a weekly basis for approximately 12 weeks to process curriculum goals and objectives. Nova’s Addiction Monitoring Program accomplishes these things with a recovery and life skills-oriented curriculum that is designed to support all individuals in every stage of early recovery.

Program Options

We understand that every person’s recovery experience is different and your needs will vary based on your individual circumstances. To better meet your needs, we provide three different curriculum options for those enrolled in our Addiction Monitoring Program.

Option 1

This option provides the most care services and is, therefore, the best choice for someone who needs the most recovery support available. Clients enrolled in Option one have two weekly phone calls with their program coordinator, weekly contact with their family members and sponsor and monthly contact with another designated person in their recovery circle.

Option 2

Option two is a great choice for clients who have a few weeks or months of sobriety already under their belt. This option still provides structure, support, and accountability, but places a heavier focus on the client’s transition into independent sober life.

Option 3

Our third option is ideal for clients who have already established a firm recovery foundation and have been sober for a significant amount of time. This option is typically provided when the client needs additional support during a particularly challenging or transitional time. Option three is primarily focused on personal growth and sobriety maintenance.
If you’d like to enroll in Nova’s Addiction Monitoring Program, our admissions team can help you determine which curriculum option is the best choice for you.  

Program Benefits

  • Helps client establish a recovery support network
  • Provides consistent accountability and support
  • Encourages client to set and achieve sobriety goals
  • Enhances personal growth
  • Provides essential life skills
  • Aids in the transition from inpatient rehab to independent sober living
  • Can be combined with IOP to further increase benefits

We Accept Many Insurances


Call (512) 605-2955 to verify your benefits.


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